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CNC Router High-Z/T – With ball screws

CNC router High-Z S-720

Our best selling CNC Router Machine for many applications. 2D and 3D milling and engraving. Up to 1400 x 1050 mm

CNC Mill T-Rex with massive steel frame

CNC Mill with steel frame including a groove panel. Perfect for 2D, 2.5D & 3D milling. Up to 8000 x 2600 mm. Also with SERVO MOTOR

Heavy XL CNC Milling Machine RaptorX-SL

CNC milling machine RaptorX

CNC Milling Machine up to 12.000 x 3000 mm. Massive and versatile steel frame. Adjustable work surface height.

Extremely stable designed Industrial Milling Machine for milling solid materials like steel with high precision. Up to 2000 x 1000 mm.

All machines from CNC-STEP are


provided with a machine parameter selection in the software! You do not have to parameterize or set up anything tedious. Just install SOFTWARE, select machine and start working.

That is smart working!

CNC Machine Manufacturer with passion from Germany

We are a CNC machine manufacturer based in Germany. All CNC routers are made in Germany with the highest quality standards. With our machines you benefit from:

German manufacturing – 32 years experience in machine building

CNC-STEP produces in Germany. More than 10.000 customers worldwide work with our CNC routers!

Handcrafted and extensively tested

Our skilled workers build each machine by hand and test it extensively before shipping.

Easy to use – Start your production immediately

Our CNC software converts your drafts automatically into control commands which the machine processes with high precision on your material. No programming necessary.

Free demonstration

Visit us at our manufacturing base in Germany and get convinced by our machines. See our CNC routers in action processing your material.

Advice and Support

We advise you professionally before and after buying a machine. Each CNC machine comes with free support.

Video High-Z router

affordable and low cost cnc router machines

High-Z CNC machine

Machine Type High-Z: Our best selling CNC Router

The precise, universal, affordable High-Z CNC Router Machine

Since 2004 we have continuously enhanced our High-Z Router. The quality, performance and the perfectly matched mechanical components at an affordable price are still unique.

Around 10.000 companies, institutions and hobbyists from around the world work with our machines which can be used for milling and engraving wood, plastic, metal and even stone. Each CNC Router is easy to use, no programming skills are necessary.

With the High-Z Router, you can engrave, mill and cut as well. We provide CNC accessories for many different applications.


High Quality and best Precision

Our CNC Routers and perfectly matched accessories will remain reasonably priced for our customers to expand their productive machinery profitably with high-quality CNC equipment.

Since February 2005 we have made a lot of technical and electrical improvements on our machine types High-Z and  RaptorX. However, our conditions remain at an excellent price / performance level and of course in the usual top quality. You won’t receive a “Cheap” CNC machine, but a high-value portal milling machine.

cnc competence

Buying directly from a CNC Machine Manufacturer – Good reasons

There are good reasons to buy your new Machine at CNC-STEP in Germany

Buying a milling machine is ultimately a matter of trust. As a CNC Machine Manufacturer, we offer free lifetime support and over 13 years of experience in CNC technology and electronics. It is important for you as a customer to have a competent partner for all questions before and after the purchase. All the details of the application should be part of the free support, as well as the elimination of malfunctions and errors.

Consequently, this competence means the best quality, high precision and great service. These facts are our most important success keys.

CAD CAM Software for free

Free CAD CAM Software! Save 1500 Euros!

Special offer: When you buy a machine, you will receive our CAD/CAM software ConstruCam-3D Eco free of charge!

The CAD/CAM software can be used with all our portal milling machines. Exclusively and only with us!

Exclusive and only with us! With the extensive CAD / CAM software package ConstruCAM 3D you get a versatile and free CAD / CAM software – solution to create drawings in 2D and 3D, designs of 2D vectors (including tool 2D to 3D .st.) for your milling machine. Fully automatic G-code generation / output for the 2D and 3D milling, 2D and 3D engraving, drilling, drilling patterns, rhinestone applications, 2D photo engraving, 3D relief engraving and milling boards – ConstruCAM3D.

CNC applications

Many examples of machine applications

Our CNC Machines are extensively applicable in many areas of mechanical processing, such the industrial, commercial and hobby sector. Here you will find many interesting examples.

No matter whether in the professional, commercial, educational, medical, institutional or hobby sector, our technicians and supervisors will offer you the perfect machine for your applications. If necessary, they can develop a special machine matching your needs. Visit our section with many examples to explore the outstanding versatility of our machines. You will find Videos and Photos of machining aluminium, plastic, wood, stainless steel, stone and engraving photos.


300 Videos of applications with our CNC Machines

Over 300 Videos showing our CNC machines milling and engraving in wood, metall, stone and plastic can be found on our YouTube channel. Many of them produced by our customers.

Currently, there are approximately over 170 customer videos showing applications such as 3D engraving, 2D and 3D milling, tangential cutting and many more. Looking for inspiration? Then you will surely like our YouTube channel with already over 5500 worldwide subscribers and approximately 4.8 million hits. Check it out now!


Beware of fraud with CNC Router Machines

Buying a CNC Router Machine is a matter of trust. We would like to warn you at this point against fraud and rip off in the purchase of router machines.

Unfortunately, it is not always at first sight noticeable: scammers can also to be found in the section of CNC router machines. Some manufacturers of DIY routers build up a professional website or e-Bay auction offering their DIY routers for sale. What the consequences are for unsuspecting customers show much help-seeking DIY CNC router buyers. Our report and a comparative test of router machines give you an idea, what you should always follow when you buy a router machine to avoid frustration and anger.


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