Measuring Probe 3D-finder

3D-finder for the determination of workpiece zero points

3D measuring probe for vertical and lateral probing and approach with high precision. Also suitable as 3D scanner.

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3D measuring probe for determining the zero point of the workpiece

Design of the 3D-finder

The housing of the 3D measuring probe is made of stainless steel and shows a lasered logo of the manufacturer. A plastic ring is embedded in the housing of the 3D-finder, which is equipped with RGB light. When you put the probe into operation, a green light appears, and as soon as the probe touches the workpiece it triggers the switching signal, and the light turns off.

3D-finder Replacement stylus

3D finder stylus 22 mm and 25 mm

3D finder stylus 22 mm and 25 mm

The qualitative stainless steel replacement stylus is available in two different sizes for our 3D-finder. We offer a stylus with a length of 22 mm and a ruby ball with a diameter of 1 mm, which is ideal for edge detection on very thin materials such as circuit boards or sheet metal. Besides, the shorter the stylus, the higher the measuring accuracy.

As a second option, we provide a stylus with a length of 25 mm and a ruby ball with Ø 2 mm, which we supply as standard with the 3D-finder. The stylus’ length allows a greater immersion depth, which can be advantageous, for example, with drilling holes in a workpiece. Please note that the longer the stylus, the lower the precision, particularly for circular measurements.

With the stylus of 25 mm supplied as standard, we combine practicality in everyday use while maintaining precision when measuring.

Measurement and zero-point determination / Hole centre

This measuring probe impresses with its extraordinary repeatability and high measuring precision. Besides geometries such as bores, corners and edges, the 3D-finder touches as well as angles, grooves and ridges on workpieces,without difficulty. This is due to the ready-to-use configured macros of the KinetiC-NC software.

Rework holes or add chamfers

Therefore this is particularly beneficial, for example, if you want to drill additional holes into an already machined workpiece. These you can then place at an exact distance from the edge. In addition, as user, you can determine the zero point precisely with this probe. Moreover, you can also enlarge holes or mill additional chamfers if necessary.

The high precision of this touch probe

3D-finder Measuring Probe

3D-finder Measuring Probe

Specifically the 3D-finder can be optimally adjusted and calibrated for your own CNC machine. This ensures high precision and repeatability during machining. For example, the combination of probe and machine achieves an accuracy in the range of 0.02 mm. However, this also depends on the machine which is used.

Use the four fixing points / adjusting screws on the probe initially for coarse and next also for fine admission calibration of the 3D measuring probe.

Simple and fast calibration

Accordingly the 3D-finder can be clamped directly into the milling spindle. For this you can use an 8 mm collet chuck. Of course there is also an optional adapter for the Euro neck mount with 43 H7 available.

First calibrate the measuring probe with the help of a conventional fine probe or dial gauge. After you have achieved the desired result, tighten the two fastening screws. In conclusion the probe is now ready for operation.

Features of the 3D-finder touch probe

The 3D-finder itself has a receptacle with an 8 mm shaft diameter. At the exit of the probe tip, there is a bag bellow which protects the probe from contamination by dirt and chips. The probe is supplied with a 25 mm long probe tip with a 2 mm diameter ball by default. Namely we equip the probe with a mini-xlr connection.

Plug&Play for CNC-STEP machines with Zero3 CNC control

For this reason, we have prepared a special offer for our machine customers. You can purchase a set which enables the connection to our Zero3 controller. Practically plug&play and off you go.

Connection of the measuring probe

In connection with our machine controller Zero3 and control software KinetiC-NC, furthermore you can approach bore centres and workpiece edges. The 3D-finder can be connected via the port for the C-axis (connection D-Sub 15pol. for 4th axis).

In other words this means that it is not possible to connect a 4th axis, such as a rotary axis or a tangential knife, at the same time.

You can use the 3D-finder to measure manually or move to edges or likewise use one of the macros* supplied likewise. (*only included in the connection set for the Zero3 for 473.62 € (inkl. 19% VAT))

The software has four different automatic measurement options:

  • find bore centre / determine diameter
  • approach edge in X
  • approach edge in Y
  • move to both edges X and Y
  • further measurement options on request available

3D-finder Screenshot Macros

That is why you can start these options directly via the four individual buttons in the software. After determining the centre of the hole, the diameter of the hole is also displayed in the program. In addition to this, the determined zero point of the hole is set automatically.

Housing Stainless steel
Probing direction X, Y, Z
Maximum stylus deflection XY = 12°; Z = 5 mm
Contact force XY = 0.5 – 1 N; Z = 2.5 N
Repeat accuracy of the 3D-finder with unidirectional probing 0.001 mm
Repeatability of the 3D-finder for circular measurements 0.006 mm
Repeatability of the 3D-finder in connection with the machine +/- 0,02 mm (depending on the machine accuracy)
Function display LED with switching point display
Switching current max. 30 mA
Operating voltage 12 – 24V DC
Mountingwith 8 mm shaft and alignment function
Styluslength: approx. 25 mm, stylus with 2 mm ruby ball
Dimensions without mounting Ø 40 mm, height 27 mm
3D-finder Data Sheet EN