3D milling

Here we show you photos and videos of work pieces which have been milled with our machines only. In most cases software PCNC or WIN PCNC Economy (part of the delivery scope) has been used.

3D-milling is probably the most interesting subject, when dealing with machining solid material. Within this page we will always show you new examples. Starting with the simple machining of just one side up to Scanning with a 3D sensor and 3D-machining with the 4th axis, almost all following examples have been produced with software PCNC, which is part of the delivery scope.

Workpiece:3D objects
Application type:3D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z Router, RaptorX-SL, 3D cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

3D milling on plastic

3D milling operations are quick and clean e.g. in POM. This kind of plastic is very hard and therefore most suitable for milling operations.

On the left you see a prototype of an airplane wing. Obviously statues or figures can be reconstructed. Many thanks to the company Filou, who have supplied this file.

Files are easily produced e.g. with Turbo Cad or Becker 3D and then converted into a file format that can be read WIN PCNC. File conversion can be done with e.g. Desk Proto Lite in a DIN ISO.

3D cnc milling and routing in foam

On the left you see a flacon milled in polystyrene with a 3mm radial router. Of course you can mill a piece as such in perspex or timber.

You design a 3D-Cad model, generate a dxf File using e.g. Desk Proto in a DIN ISO file format, that’s it. Depending on selected dissolution you get rough or absolutely clean surface in the final result.

Conversion program: Desk Proto from Filou.

3D milling on hard-foam / CNC Routers routing

3D operations with hard-foam

The museum Albersdorf run by Mr. Arnold produces landscape-reliefs made of hard-foam for exhibitions using a High-Z S-400. The models seem absolutely authentic.
Exihibits are partly up to 300x400mm large with a depth of up to 50mm.

Thank you very much for the pictures from Albersdorf museum.