3D Scanner / Professional Scan System HP Pro S3 (formerly David SLS3)

Preiswerter 3D Scanner

SLS-2 3D Scansystem + SLS-3 3D Scanner

Complete 3D scanning system / strip light scanners for 3D scanning of 3D objects of many materials


We no longer have the HP Pro S3 scanner in our range!

Currently we offer the structured light scanner from Shining-3D, which produces very detailed scans at a much lower price!


Product Description

Scanner | Professional 3D Scanning System SLS-2 and HD-3 SLS Scanner

For anyone looking for an inexpensive 3D scanning solution and want to create professional, fast 3D high resolution scans, should feel well advised with the SLS system. The scanning system offers mobility and is extremely flexible. The David 3D scanners are the perfect CNC accessory for your CNC machine. The two different 3D scanning systems SLS 2 and 3 SLS (SLS-3 with HD recording) give you the perfect opportunity to capture and digitize 3D objects with high accuracy up to HD quality! Here both David scanning systems rely on the innovative and widely used scanning technology “Structured Light” method which enables accurate 3D scans in seconds. The entire scanning system is mobile and is completely placed on a tripod in front of the to be scanned 3D object. With the included slide-rail, rapid adjustment to different sized 3D scan objects without tools is realized in no time. In conjunction with a laptop and a 12V DC power supply (not included) you have a first class mobile scanning system .

By clicking on the “Scan” button in the scanning software, you start the scan in the long-standing, proven and constantly refined scanning software from David and a few seconds later you already have a scanned 3D model on your monitor.

From coin to furniture, everything is possible with the 3D scanner, because the modular design of the system allows an adaptation to the 3D object size. After some scans are made they will be merged in the software into a closed, waterproof all-round model by using the automatic function.

Easy handling

Once the scanner using the supplied glass calibration surfaces was calibrated automatically by the software to size of the to be scanned object, for subsequent scans only a single mouse click is needed. The scanning software generates then, within seconds, a few strips of light patterns the HD projector projects on the scan object. Subsequently, the 3D file is generated and displayed in the Viewer software. You can comfortably and easily save different views of the 3D scan objects. Then let all scans merge with the software automatically. Ready is your 360 ° scan!
Revision and optimization of 3D scanning easier than ever
You can retouch the scan, align, supplement and even merge into a “waterproof” all-round model. The so perfected scans can be stored in the most common CAD formats OBJ, STL, PLY and can be imported by almost all 3D programs and any CAM software.

The 3D data will be to scale in millimeters or inches, and are also suitable, for measuring and comparing, and for prototyping with 3D printers and CNC milling machines.
The endless application possibilities of SLS 3D Scanner
Using the 3 standard export formats, ensures a diverse interface. This is required for further working, and processing the 3D data sets for e.g .: Rapid Prototyping, component testing, 3D surveys, product presentations, archeology, medical field, computer animation, forensics, medical diagnostics, quality assurance, etc. Reproduction. The applicability and possibilities are endless.
Even better resolution with the SLS-3 3D Scanning System
SLS-3 is a HD 3D Scanner – The main improvement of the SLS-3 scanning system is the new Full HD camera of type DAVID CAM 4-M. It is equipped with an even faster, high performance chip and a USB 3.0 interface which enables to realize 2x faster scans than with the SLS-2 Scan System in HD resolution. In addition, some details regarding the hardware and software are revised and improved in order to make the entire operation more efficient .

Specifications of 3D scanners SLS-2 and SLS-3:

  • Scan size: about 30-500 mm
  • Resolution: Up to about 0.1% of scan size (0,05-0,06mm)
  • Scan Duration: Single scan in a few seconds
  • Dot density: Up to 1,200,000 vertices per scan (SLS-3 up to 2,300,000)
  • Export formats: OBJ, STL and PLY

System requirements necessary (recommended):

  • Standard PC WIN XP, Vista 7 or 8 (dual core 2 Ghz CPU)
  • 2 free USB ports
  • (64-bit Windows)
  • (8 Gb RAM)
  • (3d graphics card VVidea GeForce or ATI Radeon with 1Gb RAM or more)
  • (USB 3.0)

Included in delivery

  1. Industrial camera with high-quality lens (HD CAM the SLS-3)
  2. Video Projector with special optics for large focal range, incl. Remote control
  3. Software DAVID-4-PRO on a USB stick
  4. Slider rail red anodized aluminum
  5. Camera tripod in high quality
  6. Calibration panels of glass, printed on both sides for different sized scan volume
  7. Printed Getting Started Guide
  8. All necessary connection cables
  9. Travel plug for power supply in over 150 countries
  10. Various mounting aids