3D scanning of body parts and faces


General information

Workpiece:Scanning body parts
Traverse path
Application Type:3D scanning
Machine used & accessories:David SLS-2 3D Scanner
Used software:David Pro Software

3D scanning faces

In our example we digitize faces in 3D Objects

With the SLS 2 DAVID 3D Scanner fast and simple scanning 3D of faces, bodies, heads and body parts of people are possible. The data can then be optimized, retouched and stored for further use.

3D scanning: digitize faces and capture textures

Using the 3D scanner SLS-2 easily and inexpensively detect the textures and contours of human bodies, body parts, faces and 3D objects of your choice. The advantage compared to other 3D scanners is the speed. A 3D scan only takes seconds, so a blurring is prevented.

As the 3D scanner SLS 2 is a color system, not only the contours are detected. The color textures are captured and placed over the 3D contours, which then makes it a perfect 1: 1 copy of the resulting 3D face.

The modular design allows flexible adjustment of the scanner to the object size -from a coin to a piece of furniture, almost everything is possible.

3D laser scanner or 3D strip light scanner?

As the human eye must be protected against laser beams with appropriate protective equipment such as goggles, 3D laser scanners are not suitable for scanning faces.

However, it is usually necessary to keep your eyes open during 3D scanning faces, particularly for surgical procedures (for example cosmetical surgery).

The advantage of such a precise 3D image using a strip light scanner, is that the specialist can explain his patients in detail the subsequent effect of a rhinoplasty using the personal model.

Does the subsequent operation result fit to the overall proportions of the face? Is an additional smoothing of a hooked nose or even a resizing to be made?

The operator will virtually make a sculpture, which can now be modeled in advance from the lifelike model on the screen and coordinate later results with the patient.

3D scanning with the strip lighting technology

The picture shows how the strip light scanner generates a light pattern on the model . During 3D scanning with the DAVID-SLS-2 you see the projected horizontal and vertical lines on the face of the young models.While the patient relaxes takes place on a chair, the head without any risk to health is quickly scanned 3D in different fine lines.

Here all parts are taken into account and the data obtained is later assembled with the included processing software with all individual 3D scans to a very precise 3D model .

The ease of use software and the easy handling of the entire scanning system will delight you.