10,000 CNC machines produced in just 16 years

To date, over 10,000 numerically controlled machines from the production of CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG have been sold worldwide within the last 16 years. Thanks to excellent ideas and tireless commitment, there have been a number of innovations from our company. Many of them were taken over 1:1 by competitors without asking – annoying, but also a clear praise for our team and our wealth of ideas.

Briefly to the story

CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG CNC-Maschinenbau was founded in 2005 by Frank Hylewicz as a private company. This was followed by the change of name to CNC-STEP e.K. and now since October 1st, 2018 the company has been renamed CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG.


As a German brand manufacturer based in Geldern on the Lower Rhine, we design and produce CNC-controlled portal milling machines, milling machines and engraving machines and sell CNC accessories and suitable CAD/CAM software. Our High-Z series has established itself as a quality product and now also as a branded product (CNC-STEP® has been a registered word and figurative mark – trademark for some time now).

CNC STEP … we bring PRECISION to the point