Amana Tool® Cutting Tools

Amana Tool® Germany – Industrial Quality Tools

CNC-STEP is the official distributor of Amana Tools USA

Amana Tool® has been a renowned industrial quality cutting tools manufacturer from the USA for over 40 years. In addition to saw blades and drills, Amana Tool® also offers milling tools made of solid carbide and tungsten carbide for materials such as aluminium, brass, composites, wood, acrylic, POM, etc. in their portfolio.

Amana Tool cutting tools AMS CNC 48M

Whether coated milling cutters for 2D & 3D milling, engraving bits for demanding engraving work or indexable insert milling cutters with exchangeable insert blades made of solid carbide, every CNC machine operator will find what he is looking for in this selection.

The highest consistent quality and innovative tools offer the best conditions for your new and creative projects, which you plan to realise on your CNC milling machine.

CNC-STEP – official distributor of Amana Tools in Germany

In the CNC-STEP accessories range, you will find a unique and comprehensive selection of special milling cutters, indexable insert milling cutters and engraving gravers from the manufacturer Amana Tool®. Thanks to the know-how, the high-quality raw materials and permanent research, optimised cutting tools are created, and all industries find the most suitable tools for your projects.

V-Groove cutter 45624-K Amana ToolCNC-STEP
CNC signmaking engraving bit Spektra 45771-MK Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Insert V-Groove router bit RC-45711-M Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Tool Body In-Groove RC-1077 insert knivesCNC-STEP
Surfacing router bit RC-2239 Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Blue nano-coating compression bit 48304-K with ceramic coatingCNC-STEP
Ball nose end mill 48403-K Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Carbon router bit 48452-K Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Fiberglass router 48430-K Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Foam router bit 48442-K Spektra coating Amana ToolCNC-STEP
HSS end mill HSS1611-M foam Amana ToolCNC-STEP
Spektra Plunge router bit 48220-K Down-CutCNC-STEP
Torus milling cutter 51614CNC-STEP
Nesting router bit 45408-3CNC-STEP

Special Spektra™ coating

The Spektra™ series with nACO®-coated carbide cutters, which have a blue-tinted colouring of the cutting edge, are particularly resistant to heat and have excellent sliding properties. This wafer-thin coating of ceramic in the µ-range gives the tool cutting edge the essential sharpness and very high nano-hardness so that a long tool life and cutting results of the highest quality are guaranteed.

Amana Tool® – Nano-coated milling cutters with long tool life

With each use of an Amana Tool® Spektra™ cutter, the blue colouring diminishes, but this does not affect the nACO® coating, which remains with its material-improving properties. The Spektra™ nanocomposite coating extends the tool life by up to 2.5 times compared to uncoated bits. You can choose between more than ten different end mills in our range, such as ball nose and compression bits, up-cut & down-cut and HSS cutters and many more, with shank diameters of 3mm and 6mm, respectively.

Amana Tool® with a wide range of applications

Our extensive range of Amana Tool® also includes nACO® coated solid carbide engraving bits, ideal for filigree lettering and engraving work in the sign-making sector. That is currently only available in one variant, with a 30° angle. The unique ceramic coating reduces the heat and oxidation that occurs and thus maintains the tool’s durability.

AlTiN (aluminium-titanium-nitride) coated carbide cutters are ideal for machining stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals, as they have additional strength due to the unique 45° corner chamfer.

Amana Tools® Cutting tools

The conical V-groove insert cutter is equipped with high-quality inserts made of solid carbide, which can be used to carry out work such as milling a V-groove or bevel. In addition, these milling tools from Amana Tool® are ideal for the production of signs made of wood, laminate, MDF, plastic, foam, PVC, etc.