Customer Statement – Bernd F.

Bernd F. Customers’ opinion about products of competitors or dubious e- bay offerers

Good morning,

thank you very much for your effort. In principle I had the idea to start in the guitar bulding area as a canvasser. (Coustommaker?) For it I thought about a milling machine with traverse paths of 1250x550x90 in order to palpate complete surfaces and develop designs which can be adapted afterwards. I bought a milling machine on February. First with 500x320x50 for 800? with NC step controlling and M….net software. The machine was send postaly and I get it in an unuseful state. The crosswise slide wasn’t fixed- sliding bushing were ripped out of aluminium guide ways. The packing was damaged and the spindles bended- obviously an idiot was standing on it. My complaint was not accepted.

The software doesn’t fit on controlling and the former owner soldered the pin assignment. Unfortunately I realized it after I bought a new software which I couldn’t configurate to the soldered pins. Yesterday I was able to do my first try by milling the Makko emblem. But even with a 2200 processor there are dropouts  so the repetition precision in the following level was very bad. That means I can only mill in 2D with one operation. Milling impossible with a tool diameter of  0,6mm and a depth of  3mm. The milling machine’s construction with 12mm round bar guide ways holds a small Proxxon Micromate only without bending spindles.

But you can’t see all that on the pictures in e- bay and so you sign but there’s no possibility for return or any guaranty. It is honest to trust- but reality is quiet different. Nevertheless I’m thankful for your friendly offer to help me. But because my resources are tired out I’m not able to buy a new machine. It would be a deceit to the follower if I sold the old machine. Even the controlling is considerable because of the made changes.

I was glad about your words of encouragement and I take my hat off to you.

Best regards
Bernd F.