Blue nano-coating compression bit Amana Tool®

Veneers, Melamine, MDF, Wood, Plywood

Blue nano-coating
compression bit

Type 48304-K

• 2-flute

• Blue nano-coating Spektra™

• Solid carbide

• longer service life

 57,12 €

(incl. German VAT)

Blue nano-coating compression bit

The Amana Tool® compression bits with blue nano-coating made of a unique carbide have a longer service life in abrasive material. Their design is especially for CNC applications requiring high feed rates and a clean finish. Therefore, these are particularly suitable for double-sided melamine or laminated material for a flawless milling result.

Compression cutter with blue nano-coating

The Spektra™ series compression cutter finished with a blue nano-coating features extreme nano-hardness and heat resistance achieved by this nano-composite coating. That is extremely useful when machining with a CNC machine, as applications require high speeds.

Blue nano-coating with excellent effect

This blue nano-coating, with its brilliant, distinct blue-violet tint,  provides an additional improvement. Particularly concerning the sliding properties of the milling tool and also the temperature generated. The coating gives a very high resistance to oxidation so that the performance of the bit does not decrease.

The blue nano-coating of the compression bit is an ultra-thin nACo® ceramic coat in the µ-range. That guarantees the high sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time and thus ensures a long service life and cutting results of the highest quality.

Blue nano-coating compression bit 48304-K

Note: The blue nano-coating loses its tint on the cutting edge immediately after use of the compression cutter, yet the coating itself does not wear off and retains its complete effectiveness. The nACo® blue nano-coating offers an impressive solid hardness of about 4,500 Vickers for the cutting edge of the tool, which means up to 2.5 times the hardness of comparable but uncoated cutters.

The compression milling cutters with blue nano-coating from Amana Tool® are excellent for milling the following materials:

  • Chipboard
  • CRP
  • Hardwood / Softwood
  • Laminate
  • Laminated plywood
  • MDF
  • Melamine
  • OSB board
  • Veneer plywood

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