Centring Vice

Centring Vice exact and self-centring

CNC-STEP Centring vice 2208

The centring vice allows precise work with secure fixing.
Smooth jaws ideal for engraving and milling.
Ideally suited for workpieces with the zero point in the middle.

  • Vice 2208
    € 178,50

    • 80 x 220 x 40 mm

    • clamping area 175 x 80 mm

  • Vice 3414
    € 235,62

    • 140 x 340 x 40 mm

    • clamping area 222 x 140 mm

(incl. German VAT)

Solid Centring vice

Modular & versatile centring vice

Our centring vices are characterized by excellent workmanship and robust construction. They are suitable for mounting on CNC routers and other machine tools such as engraving machines or drilling machines.

For fixing and fine adjustment on the respective machine or workbench, both ends provide slotted holes. You can anchor the modular and versatile self-centring vice with claws to a grooved table or a T-slot plate, and conventional screws are used to fasten the woodworking bench.

Centring vice in two sizes

This mechanical vice is available in two different sizes. On the one hand with dimensions of 80 x 220 x 40 mm and with a clamping surface of 175 x 80 mm. And on the other side, with dimensions of 140 x 340 x 40 mm and a corresponding clamping surface of maximum 222 x 140 mm.

Both are suitable for 40 mm slot distance, i.e. ideal for our 160 T-slot plates. To be exact: For slot distance 30-40 mm (small vice), and 36-75 mm (large vice) can be screwed tight.

Is the flat design of the centring vice decisive?

Yes, because the mainly flat design of the centric clamping vice makes it particularly suitable for machine tools with a low clearance height in the Z-axis. Furthermore, this design ensures good accessibility of the tool to the workpiece.

The centring clamping vice is particularly suitable for the machining of, for example, signs, front panels and circuit boards. However, even high workpieces can be machined perfectly with it.

Centring vice 3414 with clamped panel
Centring vice 2208 and 3414 CNC-STEP
Centring vice with clamped panel for KinetiC-NC

Exact & symmetrical

The main body is made of black anodised aluminium and has round 12 mm H6 guide rails made of hardened steel. With a turning handle and the 3-fold ball bearing mounted drive spindle made of steel with M10 x 1 mm fine thread, the two parallel mounted movable jaws are mechanically moved exactly and symmetrically towards or away from the centre.

Furthermore, the clamping jaws of the CNC-STEP centring vice are provided with a laser engraved scale, which facilitates the positioning of the workpiece. Thus, serial workpieces can be aligned precisely at the same place for engraving or milling.

Self-Centring vice for perfect clamping

Because this vice is self-centring, the workpieces are always automatically clamped centrally on it. This is therefore ideal for applications where the workpiece zero point is in the middle.

Furthermore, due to its overall length, our centring vice achieves an optimal clamping ratio and thus leads to a perfect clamping result.

Excellent for circuit board production

Due to its nature, the centring vice or engraving vice is excellent for clamping flat material. This means that it can be used, for example, for circuit board production.

For insulation milling, the flat workpieces can be machined most easily by fixing them on a centring vice or clamping them on a vacuum table.

Centring vice for round and oval workpieces

The centring vice has robust and symmetrically moving clamping jaws. These are smooth and do not have a prism. Also, there are threaded holes on the jaws, which you can use to fix additional top jaws.

The smaller holes on the jaws are also ideal for inserting cylinder head screws, which you can use to fix higher or round objects, for example. The prism-ground jaws, for example, also offer the option of clamping round workpieces or even unusual shapes. In our example, we used M6x12 screws to fix round and oval workpieces firmly in position.

What benefits do optional extension clamping jaws offer?

In our assortment, two different variants of top jaws are optionally available. On the one hand the smooth vice jaws with dimensions of 140 x 35 x 10 mm and on the other, jaws with a ground prism and identical dimensions.

By extending the range with these optional top jaws, the supporting surface increases, so that even higher workpieces can be placed and processed safely. Besides, the extension jaws can also be rotated and are therefore versatile.