CFK carbon fiber milling

With the High-Z in the tuning / automotive industry. Mass production of carbon tuning parts.

Film cuts (label) are with our pressure-adjustable blade holder as easy to implement as milling and engraving, in Carbon. It’s always just a matter of the tool.

To mill wood is one of the “light exercise” a High-Z CNC milling machine. Many customers all over the world use our systems to perform 2D or 3D works in wood.

Woodworking is diamond-toothed millers from 1mm to 3mm diameter are particularly useful if they are clever of quality.

Workpiece:Carbon parts for octocopter
MaterialCFK / Carbon
Axis travel:720 x 420 x 110 mm
Application type:2D milling
Used machines and software:High-Z S720T, CFK / GFK cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

CFK, Carbon fiber milling

Working on carbon- plate material for decoration and model making.

Large- scale production of a CFK part with a High-Z S-1000 on self made clamping plate.

Contour milling is carried out on the clamping plate, the adaptation of the side is carried out clamped in a vice.

Production of a cover strip with aeration grooves for an espresso machine.

If you own one of our machines the production ideas appear from nowhere.