Making and building wooden children’s furniture

Workpiece:Children’s furniture
Material:Plywood, solid wood
Application type:2D milling
Machine and accessories used:High-Z S-1000, Cutting tools
Software used:ConstruCAM-3D

Make children’s furniture from wood & solid wood

Make your own furniture for children

The founder of the company Christians-Holzladen de from Gelsenkirchen, Mr. Kruska-Kranich, had an idea concerning children’s furniture. Without further ado, he decided to design some wooden children’s furniture and manufacture it himself. In our opinion, he succeeded with flying colors.

Ideas for professional self-construction – children’s furniture converting into CAD software

So he sat down and designed his children’s furniture ideas with the help of the CAD software ConstruCAM-3D. And so up to this day, the children and baby furniture made of wood, created and developed with a lot of effort, work and above all a wealth of ideas can be found in several portals offering children’s furniture. You can find the main page of on the platform Etsy.

Children’s furniture baby play bow milled parts

With the milling machine to baby furniture – manufacturer / With success to the profitable business idea

Since his work with wooden furniture began, Mr. Kruska-Kranich has had assistance from a High-Z S-1000. Only by using the CNC machine can he meet the customers’ demands and the required quality for the construction of wooden furniture for children and babies.

Solid birch plywood – ideal material for building children’s furniture from wood

Stable yet a little flexible: birch plywood for baby furniture

After several milling tests and prototypes, it quickly became apparent that an ideal material for the realization of baby furniture was probably plywood. It is stable due to multiple gluing, and after treatment with oil, it is wonderfully durable and even washable. But plastic-coated laminated wood can also be used.

Special cutters for the processing of plastic-coated boards

To process the plastic-coated multi-layer boards/birch multiplex, which you can also use, special milling cutters are used which do not allow fraying of the upper plastic layer.

That ensures a perfect and splinter-free edge for the children’s furniture. These cutters also guarantee a clean, edge-free transition from one material to another.

Children’s furniture children table from coated wood

Some examples of children’s furniture made of wood – products of Christians-Holzladen we present to you here

Crib mobile holder made of solid wood and aluminum for children and babies

Sturdily constructed and beautiful to look at

The crib mobile holder made of laminated wood is not only beautiful to look at. It captivates with its simple lines and brings warmth into the children’s room through the material wood. It is also clampable and has plastic protectors so that the table is not damaged when clamped to a tabletop.

Further short description of the manufacturer

This unique holder for mobiles, toys and figures will inspire you! It is height adjustable and very stable!

Our son liked this holder very much. He looked at the mobiles with fascination and later when he was four or five months old, he also took it. We also think the holder is great because it is height adjustable and therefore very practical.

Children’s furniture Wooden crib mobile

Children’s table with chairs

Children’s table made of 18mm thick laminated wood panels

Natur pure is brought into the children’s room with this beautiful set, consisting of a pretty, functional children’s table with its natural wood chairs. Out with the old, unstable plastic furniture. It’s time for a piece of nature in the children’s room.

Further short description of the manufacturer

“My children’s chair series *BEN* are also made of 18 mm thick multiplex birch. The sides of the BEN have been milled from one piece. Thus this child chair gets along with each childlike demand. The seat, the backrest and the rear crossbar are also milled and glued with wood glue D3. This chair can take a lot. The seat is about 24 cm high. Ben is perfect for sitting children who are about 80 cm to 130 cm tall.”

Children’s furniture table and chairs amde from wood

Wooden baby walker fire brigade

The baby walker fire brigade with custom names

A great idea, as we think, with the purchase of the baby walker, which comes as a bright red fire engine or as a blue truck/pickup, also at the same time the lettering of the baby walker as a desired lettering to be able to choose. A great, individual gift with engraving for children. In addition, it has sensible safety features that allow parents to be carefree in handling this great vehicle. Nevertheless, please never leave the little rascals unattended :-)

Children’s furniture Fire department baby walker from wood

The children’s furniture step stool

Kids step or stool

Three-step footrest LEO Step heights: 15, 30 and 45 cm in wood waxed. The surface of the children’s step is sanded and painted with clear wax. This clear wax is water-repellent and the wax also emphasizes the beautiful grain of the wood.

Further short description of the manufacturer

This unique step stool should not be missing in any kitchen. Our son loves to watch us cook and bake. Meanwhile, he already takes a spoon for himself to scrape the rest of the dough out of the bowl. After some practice and mummy and daddy’s help, he gets well on the top step! Here you can see a three-step footstep. The height of the steps is 15 cm for the first step, and the second step is 30 cm high.

Children’s furniture wooden step stool

Children’s furniture: KAKTUS shoe rack

The children’s furniture shoe rack made of wood – An original idea

The shoe rack in a shape of a KAKTUS made of green lacquered wood with its “arms” for shoes, boots or sandals is an original children’s wardrobe. It virtually replaces the children’s shoe cupboard or shoe shelf entirely and is still pretty to look at.

Further short description of the manufacturer

This KAKTUS shoe rack creates order in the hallway. Your child will hang its shoes on the branches of the cactus. They will then no longer lie on the floor and are no longer a tripping hazard. Our son thinks it is great to have a place for his shoes finally.

The KAKTUS has ten branches on which can hang four pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. Shoes up to size 36 fit on the branches.

Children’s furniture Wooden shoe rack

Bench and stable children’s table in one – with wooden chairs

The wooden bench for children with chairs – as a turning table/bench

The children’s bench is another clever idea from Mr. Kruska-Kranich. Here you can convert the children’s bench into a table without further ado. To do so, turn the bench around. Furthermore, you can adjust the table adjusted in 2 different heights – How? Again, just turn it over. The set always includes the super solid real wood children’s chairs, either coated or oiled.

Further short description of the manufacturer

Children’s chair and table TIM and CHARLIE, waxed in a complete set TIM is 42 cm high, 38 cm deep and 78 cm wide, CHARLIE is: 38 cm high, 30 cm deep, 32 cm wide. The seat heights for both children’s furniture are 16 or 24 cm. There comes a time when your children want to play with building blocks, look at books or paint a colorful picture. Preferably on a chair with a table in front of it and suitable for his body size.

Children’s furniture wooden turning bench or table

Wooden play bows

Wooden play bow – even available for twins

Various efficient play bows are also available in “Christian’s woodshop”. In addition, all play bows are very stable and, of course, made of wood, either lacquered in white or oiled. They are effortless to assemble and disassemble again. One version can even be adjusted in width. An extra-wide version for twins is also available.

Further short description of the manufacturer

Play bow QUATRO XL for two children, four-legged with the dimensions: approx. 76 cm wide and 38 cm deep, approx. 52 cm high with 8 holes. Diameter of each of the 2 holes in one leg: 8 mm. Play bow QUATRO XL for twins.

Do you want to do something for yourself in peace, and your babies are busy? Then this toy bow is just right!

Place a soft blanket on the floor, lay your children on the blanket and place the QUATRO XL over your babies, from which you have previously hung small things, e.g., soft toys, small toys etc. Your babies will be delighted.

Children’s furniture Wooden play bow