CHINA CNC router: Annoying problems

Bad experience with imported cheap – milling machine from China

Engineer Hans-Jürgen F. from Bad Herrenalb is rightly angry about the useless cheap CNC router from China

Good afternoon CNC-STEP team,

I have a China CNC router 3040TZ – and was reasonably satisfied.China CNC Fräsen Probleme und Ärger

I have licenses for Corel, MACH3, PhotoVcarve …

My problem: Machine “wears out” – the latest effect axial play x-axis.

A repair seems questionable, too expensive, hopeless and then the other “small” defects.

Can’t find prices of your machines, could be interesting.

Need the milling machines almost exclusively for the production of stamps.

I think the “smallest” router would do. Operation should be -as before- via control at the par-Port.

Do you have something to offer?

Own experiences and tips for the cheap China CNC routers

China’s technical products at a high LEVEL – BUT …

China has gained a lot of ground in the last ten years in the field of tech products. In the area of drones, mobile phones or electric vehicles, the Chinese have now conquered the global market and secure more patents every year than any other country in the world. So the times of total COPPING are over. However, the sophistication of these people, always accompanied by good humour, should not be underestimated.

No matter where in the world – hands-off from too cheap products

The problem is posed by Chinese manufacturers who take advantage of the prevailing good faith in the West. Even here in Germany, you cannot expect a CNC machine made in Germany for perhaps 1300 Euros to meet all the requirements of the user and that all the manufacturer’s specifications were not safe from embellishment! Let us come to the core:

Problems with cheap China milling machines not unusual

China cnc milling machines - negative experiences

China CNC milling machines – often afflicted with negative experiences

CNC routers from China are called 3040T, 6040, HY 3040 or 3040z + 52. Everywhere on platforms such as ChinaCNCzone, E-Bay and Co. praised – Often however completely unusable. But as a user, of course, this knowledge is only achieved after a few minutes or hours of commissioning.

It is impossible to recognize existing production defects before buying.

At least as a loan or novice, who want to get a taste of CNC technology or to get a CNC kit for the entry. But even as a professional the actual production deficiencies and the often sluggish to inadequate processing are only recognizable after the first apparent inspection. This is why CNC users have always experienced extreme problems with portal milling machines from the Far East. Despite several statements and warnings in blogs and forum entries on the Internet. One can not warn enough of these low-cost products. The clocks simply tick differently in China.

Good or decent quality – not existent

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to judge why this cheap mass production cannot be of high quality. With a daily wage of 70 cents to a dollar for all unskilled workers, one can hardly expect a qualified final assembly. In addition, the cheapest parts are used. Here the ball bushing for the size 12 linear guide costs just 20 dollar cents.

Linear guides too small

Some of the biggest problems are the lack of dimensional accuracy of the mechanical components (but the decisive factor for proper milling results). As a result, you can read in blogs again and again that they have linear guides, some 0.1mm undersize to the sockets. This is not even easy to solve with technical knowledge.

Thread cut poorly or obliquely

Also interesting are some threaded holes. These are often done with blunt tools, so you can not really screw out the screw once it has been screwed in. In addition, almost all threads are cut obliquely, and the shavings of the thread cutting are still present in the drill holes. Some screws hold only just as the bores are drilled too much and the thread has no depth on the flanks. Results of the workings of totally unskilled workers.

Child labour in the assembly of China milling machines

Partially, these milling machines are assembled by children! This is done in countless professions and industries in the Far East and is not unusual. So please do not support this crime! It is enough already, that today one or the other piece of clothing is purchased, without knowing that it has possibly been made by a child.

Experiences with CHINA CNC cheap milling machines are usually negative

We ourselves have already taken the path several times and have imported HF spindles or whole CNC machines from China directly to check the quality and to find out whether China really represents a serious country of CNC milling machines. And I am relaxed today, we can sit back for a long time confidently.

All those who want to work in high quality and without stress – hands off from the purchase of cheap ready-to-use CNC machines! No matter if from Germany, Romania or China!

China CHEAP milling machines often deficient to completely useless

Insurance claim is not accepted

Insurance won’t pay!

Our experience with cheap China milling machines is as follows: After we received ungrounded spotlights, HF spindles and other electrical and electronic articles (CNC control, lamps, etc.), one thing is already certain: whoever loves his life, hands-off these articles. Such a machine is NOT ONLY DANGEROUS FOR LIFE, BUT ALSO FULLY UNUSABLE.

Missing equipotential bonding is life-threatening!

At the latest with this entry in a blog article, the CNC machine fan should feel warned. There is no potential equalization on the CNC control. For all who need information on potential equalization.

Insurance claim is not accepted!

When the whole workshop or even the entire house goes up in flames during possibly unattended CNC work, the insurance does not pay, if these CNC machines may be operated in the EU without a valid CE declaration and the required EMC tests! An important reason to think about if it’s up to us.

CHINA EXPORT instead of CE Certified


The Fine Difference: CE and China Export

Furthermore, the CE symbol is not used according to the European standard. For this, it is often even completely wrongly printed (distances of the letters do not fit). We even received directly from China a suitable answer from a manufacturer. He made clear that the symbol is supposed to be a China Export mark on all articles of the company! And this is common in China!

Our conclusion to the CHEAP China CNC machine

The machine could be useful for compromising improvisers and hobbyists

If you like to tinker and spend a lot of time on improvising the CNC machine, such a machine from China could be the answer. You should, however, have a well-founded electrical and electronics knowledge to be able to solve the greatest security deficiencies at all.

But one thing must be clear. It probably remains a tinker box! In the end, you’ll maybe pay more for a China machine than for a tested, stable and precise CNC milling machine that is able to cut steel – this is up to you.

One last good advice

We can only give advice. It is quite clearly: hands off from SUPER CHEAP- machines! Buy from a reputable CNC machine manufacturer in Germany, who is always ready to demonstrate the machine to you, even when milling the promised materials. Here in Germany, the legal situation is clear, and every manufacturer must adhere to the prevailing standards, safety measures and rules.

Always ask for a CE declaration and let the company’s CE representative inform you about this topic!