Clamping Claw

Clamping Claw

Clamping Claw suitable for T-slot with 8 or 10 mm.

Plastic clamping claw for flexible clamping. Fixing of different material types with high clamping force.

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Clamping Claw for T-slot plates

This plastic clamping claw can be used universally thanks to the two threaded rods supplied. As a result, you can mount it on T-slot plates and worktables with T-slots of 8 mm and 10 mm width.

The threaded rods have an M8 thread dimension. On the one hand, the threaded rod has got an 8 mm T-slot nut. On the other hand, the thread with a square plate is suitable for 10 mm T-slots. You can fix the clamping claw with a galvanized wing nut.

The width of the lug is 32 mm and the length 88 mm.

Up to 52 mm clamping height

Due to the ideal and optimally curved shape of the clamping plate, workpieces can be clamped continuous and flexible in the clamping height. It gives you the possibility to clamp materials from 0 mm up to 52 mm in height.

By two recesses, which are embedded in the slotted hole, can be easily adjusted. Powerful tightening of the wing nut provides the clamping force and fixes the workpiece.

In contrast to conventional steel clamp, this even allows the diagonal clamping of higher workpieces and without an additional base.

Technical DataScope of Delivery
Material: high-performance black plastic1x plastic clamping element
Length: 88 mm1x galvanized threaded rod M8
Width: 32 mm 1x slot nut 8 mm
Clamping height: from 0 mm to 52 mm1x nitrified threaded rod M8 with 10 mm square plate
2x wing nut
1x washer

Fixing without scratches and blemishes

Because of the stable and yet not too hard black high-performance plastic, you can clamp different materials without fear of scratches and blemishes. This clamping claw is therefore perfectly suitable for sensitive workpieces.

The rounded lower part and the flattened upper part of the clamping strap adapt to the workpiece. These lie on top of the workpiece without drilling into the material and leaving unsightly marks.

Clamping claw must not be missing

This type of clamping claw should be part of every workshop and hobby room. On the one hand, the little helpers are space-saving and are ideal for safe and quick clamping. No matter if it is wood, plastic or metal in different shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, these enable easy, quick and practical handling. For this reason, you save time when clamping and reclamping. Furthermore, universal use is an advantage because you can work with changing clamping heights.

Accordingly, the high continuous clamping force allows excellent fixing of tools, workpieces or other devices. Besides, the stable design guarantees a long service life of the clamping claws.

With correct fixing to a good result

Particularly during mechanical milling, high forces act on the workpiece to be machined. Consequently, secure and effective fastening is necessary.

Despite their small size, these clamping claws have an immense holding force. They, therefore, secure the workpiece against slipping and jerking. The result after machining is correspondingly qualitative.