CNC Cutting

If required, you can use your CNC machine as a cutting plotter or cutting machine for CNC cutting. The tool used depends on the material to be processed. For cutting you can use, tangential knives, drag knives or milling cutters on the CNC machine.

Cut thin foils with drag knives

In the cutting application with the drag knife, the cutting module pulls the tool, in this case, a cutting blade, through the material. The change of direction also occurs through the pulling and rotary movements of the cutting head.

To cut thin foils up to a thickness of approx. 0.5 mm, the use of a drag knife is perfectly adequate. CNC cutting plotters are used to display logos or lettering and cut them from foil or film. We offer the matching blade for every application.

Cutting with the tangential knife

The tangential knife is particularly suitable for the precise cutting of foil and flock material. It is also ideal for cardboard, thin cork, various foams, and sealing materials that are not very firm or hard.

As an actuator turns the blade in each case cutting direction, you can make even the smallest contours and lettering out precisely and quickly. The tangential knife comes into use with these materials:

  • sheet material
  • adhesive films
  • Flock material
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Thin cork
  • foams

The oscillating tangential knife EOT-3 / cutting module is particularly suitable for precision CNC cutting thick materials. While a powerful oscillation motor moves the blade quickly up and down, an actuator rotates the knife in the cutting direction. So also solid and thick materials can be cut precisely and quickly, such as:

  • sealants
  • Carbon fibre prepreg
  • Corrugated board / hard cardboard
  • Leather and cork
  • Fabrics and films
  • Rigid foam panels
  • carpet
cnc schneiden
Carpet 10 mm CNC cut tangential module EOT-3
Textile fabric CNC cut EOT-3
Cutting Foot mat 22 mm tangential CNC cutting

Cutting rubber
Milling foam shadow board
cutting seals
CNC cutting of vinyl and other materials
Plasma cutting and welding