Drilling with our CNC machines

Examples of drilling in steel, plastic and circuit boards

The Drilling in production process has slightly moved in the background in the age of CNC milling machines . Even though hand drills are still often used in the craft area, fabrikative drilling is usually no longer in demand as CNC controlled machines can realize this usually better and cleaner with milling tools in circular milling mode.

We still would like to show you some drilling applications with our affordable CNC machines. It is much more economical than on a correspondingly large machining center that would engulf several hundred thousand euros alone in the acquisition.

In future drill or lower with our machines large steel sheets, circuit boards or other workpieces where it makes sense, not to mill circular. We will advise you in detail or demonstrate your applications directly live on our machines.

CNC bohren von Stahlblechen

cnc steel drilling
Drilling in cartridges
Platine bohren