CNC ball nose bit

Plastic, Foam, Aluminium, Copper, Wood

Solid carbide
CNC Ball nose bit

Two-flute CNC ball nose bit made of solid carbide with a right-hand twist. Suitable for many applications as a radius cutter.

CNC Ball nose bit F260

18.74 – 95.68 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC ball nose bit with Up-Cut

CNC ball nose bit F260 and its areas of application

This CNC ball nose bit is mainly used in the production of prototypes and mould making. The rounded tip of the cutter makes this CNC ball nose bit ideal for 3D milling. So if you create milling data for free-form surfaces and reliefs with our special CAD-CAM software ConstruCAM-3D, then you can mill these precisely and with a cleanly finish with this type of milling bit.

CNC ball nose bit for different materials

On the one hand, the CNC ball nose bit suits ideally for materials such as aluminium and non-ferrous metals. But on the other hand, foams and rigid plastics can also be machined excellent with it. Furthermore, you can also machine wood types such as beech wood, limewood and others. All standard coatings are also available for this CNC ball router bit.

Application areas for CNC ball nose bit F265

This version of the CNC ball nose bit is designed for the highest demands on surface quality. This milling cutter is particularly suitable for materials such as wood, plastic and other materials that are easy to machine. Correspondingly extended versions are also available, especially in the field of packaging technology and prototype construction.

Also available as long-reach tool

If the application requires milling channels or deep pocketing with special circumstances, we also can deliver long-reach CNC ball nose bits according to customer requirements. Above the cutting edge, the diameter of the CNC ball nose bitt decreases, creating clearance between the wall and the tool for deeper milling. In addition, the chip removal of the CNC ball nose bit is very efficient.

Ød1 mm
cutting diameter
L1 mm
cutting length
LG mm
overall length
ØS mm
shank diameter
long-reachPrice in €
incl. German VAT
F261.01001.003403long-reach: 8mm18.74
F261.0100.T1001.0021003long-reach conical: 70mm62.48
F261.01501.504403long-reach: 12mm18.74
F261.02502.508403long-reach: 20mm18.74
F261.03003.0094030long-reach: 24mm18.74
F261.0300.XD3.0091003long-reach: 30mm33.32
F261.04004.0012504long-reach: 32mm20.83
F261.0400.XD4.00121004long-reach: 40mm37.49
F261.06006.0018606long-reach: 45mm27.07
F261.0600.XD6.00181006long-reach: 60mm45.82

CNC ball nose bit for prototypes and molds

Milling rigid foam and plastics

Rigid plastic and foam are ideal for building models, molds and prototypes. Thus, you can machine these materials ideally on our CNC machines with the appropriate milling tools. The resulting moulds are robust, long-lasting, and appropriately reusable. Other suitable materials that can be ideal for machining include XPS foam and Ureol.

CNC Ballnose bit ideal in mold making

CNC ball nose bits are best suited for these materials, as you can use them to mill a positive or negative mold with dimensional accuracy, cleanliness and precision. Clean cutting edges are significant, for example, to obtain a flawless 3D object later in the final result. The cutter tip is also advantageous because it allows the contours to be reached better during the milling process.