CNC cutting of vinyl and other materials

Cutting of foile and other materials

If it is once necessary can you even you stickers manufacture.

However one should use the High-Z CNC milling machine not exclusively for this purpose, since the need is very low opposite  a professional cut plotter.

Subsequently, still the transmission foil over stick (application foil) and the sticker is finished for the processing.


General info

Workpiece:Cuts of foil
Material:Application foil
Axis travel:X=1000 mm; Y=600 mm; Z=110 mm
Application type:CNC cutting foil
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S-1000/T,knife holder, Tangential knife cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D; WinPC-NC

The data for this project was made with our free software ConstruCAM-3D.