CNC milling in model construction

Model construction with portal milling machine from CNC-STEP

The design and new development of CNC portal milling machines for construction needs is a very special issue for us in the year 2004, as the actual idea matured from the model construction sector, a new CNC milling machine that is not only cheap and versatile but also stable enough to mill metals and engrave stone.

Model construction applications are multifaceted

The CNC portal milling machines from CNC-STEP are therefore also used in many different applications due to their versatile applications in model construction. For example:

  • construction in the field of ship modeling flight models
  • Modeling technology for vehicle models, also made of brass and steel (tanks, excavators)
  • Hobbyists in the field of 3D mold construction
  • Industries such as ARCHITECTURE, CRAFTS, Rapid Prototyping
  • the general CNC machining of wood, aluminum, plaster, plastics, and many other materials
  • milling of casting models, projection models, exhibition models, design objects, and functional models

Model construction – Examples

  1. architecture model
  2. Design objects made of MDF
  3. Ship planks – strut
  4. 3D model of a Concorde
  5. Engines
  6. Small parts made of different materials

Modellbau Anwendung Architektur  Modellbau 3d Designobjekte

Modellbau Beispiel Schiffsmodelle  3d Modellbau Concorde mit CNC-Fräse  Modellbau 3d gefrästes Aufstecktriebwerk  Modellbau Teile - Kleinteile

Model construction machines – CNC milling machines from the manufacturers of Portal milling machines from Germany

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