CNC model construction with milling machines


General information

Workpiece:CNC model construction
MaterialAluminum – brass – plastic – wood
Traversing path
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z S400, Cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Professional CNC model construction

Use of our milling machines in CNC model construction

Around the world, countless modellers use our CNC milling machines. Modelling is an extensive concept. We have customers in the area of following types of model construction:

Milling machine must be stable

On the subject of milling in model construction, you will find some interesting reports on the net. One thing, however, is always clear from most reports: it must be a milling machine that works exactly and is stable enough to mill brass or aluminum. The reason for this is the diversity of the materials used.

Ribs and struts

A constantly recurring work in model building is the milling of ribs , which are combined into struts for aircraft or ship bodies. In addition to wood, materials such as plexiglass or GRP are also used. When milling components, high precision is often required, because aircraft models, ship models, etc. are not only supposed to look good, but often have to meet functional requirements.

Milling brass, steel and aluminum without problems

For example, aerodynamics in aircraft modeling and hydrodynamics play an important role in ship modeling. In order to be able to work cleanly and accurately with a CNC milling machine in model construction, it should be stable and extremely flexible to use. For the simple reason that other materials such as brass, steel, stainless steel or plastic are constantly processed, which can also be realized without any problems with our machines.

Examples of professional model construction

Not only for home users! Mass production with a milling machine

We have a lot of professional model building examples ready for you, since already hundreds of users from the area of CNC model construction successfully work with our high-Z milling machine. Not only private, but also commercial mass production. Some of our customers are active in the construction of wooden models, building vehicles, buildings and entire cities with attention to detail for their clients. The results are more than excellent.

Hexacopter – Construction of a high-end hexacopter

For the construction of a hexacopter you find here a picture gallery of all milling parts for the gexacopter, produced with the CNC milling machine. Several parts have been modified, facilitated and the aircraft has even been equipped with a 3D gimbal for a SLR

The data for milling in model building is generated with the CAD / CAM software ConstruCAM-3D.