CNC model making with milling machines

Workpiece:Model making parts
MaterialAluminium – brass – plastic – wood
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z router, Cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Professional CNC model making

Manufacturing model building parts with our milling machines

Around the world, countless model makers use our machines, not only professionals but also a lot of hobbyists. All of them are DIY enthusiasts who buy a CNC router to manufacture model building parts from different materials. Model makers appreciate the precision of our milling machines.

The High-Z router with up to 1400 x 1500 mm traverse path is a very popular CNC machine for model making works. The milling machine fits in every hobby room and can be positioned above tall workpieces, which enables our customers to ornament acoustic guitars. Even smallest parts made of plastic, wood and aluminium can be manufactured and reproduces quickly.

We have customers in the following areas:

This is what model maker Christian Leisch says about his High-Z CNC router:

Working with the milling machine High-Z S-1000 I can even produce complicated parts …
The CNC router is a useful extension of my machinery. The High-Z machine is well-tried especially in the field of model making and engravings. I can make easily very precise parts which I could not have made by handwork.

Increasing number of hobby model makers using a CNC router

Model making is a very diverse field of application. There is hardly another area where parts are made of so many different materials, shapes and sizes. The models are true-to-scale reproductions consisting of many small parts, which have to be made precisely to visualise the reality as detailed as possible.

Milling precise parts

For accurate milling, cutting, labelling and engraving of model building parts the CNC router is a popular device, among professional model makers as well as hobby model makers. Over the years there has been a strongly growing interest for having a computer controlled milling machine in the hobby room or the garage at home, to build even more impressive and better-performing models.

CNC router must be stable

On the subject of CNC model making, you will find some interesting reports on the internet. One thing, however, is always clear from most reports: it must be a CNC router that works exactly and is stable enough to mill brass or aluminium. The reason for this is the diversity of the materials used.

Ribs and struts

A continually recurring work in model making is the milling of ribs, which are combined into struts for aircraft or ship bodies. In addition to wood, materials such as plexiglass are also used. When milling components, high precision is often required, because aircraft models, ship models, etc. are not only supposed to look good but often have to comply with functional requirements.

Milling parts made of brass, steel and aluminium

For example, aerodynamics in aircraft model building and hydrodynamics in ship model building play an important role. To manufacture parts cleanly and accurately the milling machine should be stable and flexible to use. For the simple reason, that other materials such as brass, steel, stainless steel or plastic are constantly processed, which can also be realized without any problems with our machines.

Examples of professional model making

Not only for home users! Mass production with a milling machine

We have a lot of professional model making examples ready for you since already hundreds of users from the area of CNC model building successfully work with our high-Z milling machine. Not only private but also commercial mass production. Some of our customers are active in the construction of wooden models, building vehicles, buildings and entire cities with attention to detail for their clients. The results are more than excellent.

Hexacopter – Construction of a high-end hexacopter

For the construction of a hexacopter, you find here a picture gallery of all milling parts for the hexacopter, produced with the CNC milling machine. Several parts have been modified, facilitated and the aircraft has even been equipped with a 3D gimbal for an SLR.