High-Z S-1000/T CNC Router

High-Z 1000/T Ball Screws 1000x600mm

CNC Router Machine with ball screw drive for higher precision and more speed!

Desktop Router S-1000T from the successful High-Z T-Series for accurate milling of plastic, wood and metal. The premium ball screw spindles are wear-free no matter if the CNC router works in 24 hours shifts or is used for series productions. The professional assembly of only high-quality parts enables the operator to produce outstanding results.

4.651,71 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC Steuerung inklusive

CNC Router with additional accuracy and performance

Popular machine type among model makers and guitar builders

The CNC router with 1000x600mm machining area is the best choice for milling small and medium-sized workpieces. The  machine is popular among hobby and professional model makers who also have to manufacture parts from hardwood, brass or aluminium with high accuracy and additional speed. Guitar makers appreciate the open frame system which allows them to build and decorate bodies for customized instruments by positioning the milling machine above the workpiece.

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Technical Data, accessory and prices

Technical data High-Z S-1000T with ball screw spindlesS1000 T
Article Number1103 0002
X Axis Travel1000 mm
Y Axis Travel600 mm
Z Axis Travel110 mm
Clearance Z (Upper edge machine frameunder
edge bridge)
107 mm
Clamping Area X1330 mm
Clamping Area Y690 mm
Weight51 kg
Length over all X1330 mm
Width over all Y870 mm
Height over all Z575 mm
Linear Guides Diameter X/Y Ø22/22 mm
Linear Guides Diameter Z Ø16 mm
Add. Ball Linear Guides X-Axis / HIWIN– / optional
Steps per Revolution 1/10 Micro-Step 2000
Ø Ball Screws / Spindles DiameterX/Y/Z12/12/12 mm
Slope10 mm
Programmable Resolution0,005 mm
Backlash+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatable Accuracy0,01 mm
Max. Rapid Speed X + Y12000 mm/min with CAM-Software WinPC-NC or Mach3
30000 mm/min with CAM-Software Kinetic-NC
Max. Cutting Speed 8000 mm/min with CAM-Software WinPC-NC oder Mach3
12000 mm/min with CAM-Software Kinetic-NC

Data depend on the shape and material!

Digital CNC Controller Zero3 / 5-Channel
Operating System with Software
KinetiC-NC, WINPC-NC, MACH3, EMC, Linux CNC:
Windows / Linux
incl. Full Version 3D-Software CADCAM
ConstruCam-3D with
Postprocessor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR (incl. German VAT)4.651,71 €
A CE compliant commissioning of our CNC machines requires the assembly of the safety enclosure and the suction adapter.
Operating instructions
High-Z T-Series Zero-4 quick-start guide EN
High-Z T-Series operating manual EN