CNC Router

High-Z / T-series

CNC Router – High precision – Plug&Play – With ball screws

For more precision and real high-speed!

The precise CNC Router Type High-Z/T with ball screws for quick and precise 2D and 3D milling, drilling, cutting, engraving, tangential knife cutting, drilling, dosing, glueing, labelling, marking and plasma cutting. All machines are of course completely built and long time tested. Virtually plug and play ready for operation!

Special feature:

HYBRID motor technology and open frame construction for machining big workpieces, for example, big 3D objects, guitars and control cabinets.

Plug and Play: You don’t have to configure anything! Install the software, get started!

from 3.545,01 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC controller included

CNC Router of the High-Z T-Series

Our bestseller for high precision milling

The CNC Router High-Z of the T-Series is always a good choice, no matter if you are looking for an industrial machine, which is taking 8-hour-shifts or if you need a machine for any private purposes.

With the T-model of the milling machine, you obtain well-tried technology. The High-Z Router has been designed for more accuracy (repeat accuracy approx. 0,01 mm) and speed for bulk production when every second of time-saving counts with regards to the individual production.

All prices include 4-axis five-channel CNC control with 17,5 Ampere

We deliver our milling machines of the High-Z T-series with the 4-axis CNC control with five channels, which is included in the price. You can run the CNC router only with this Zero3 control unit supplied by us. Therefore, the control with over 3.5-ampere string current capacity per channel is a fixed part of all our machines! One of the sometimes-important reasons to decide for this milling machine.

Powerful CNC Routers with hybrid motor technology for top power and performance

In combination with a strength of 5 holding torques, over 1 kg weighing hybrid drive-motors with 4.2-ampere output power each and in connection with our ethernet-compatible five-channel control, the CNC mill is hard to beat in terms of performance and power in this price segment. This is one of the reasons why we cannot only move at high speed with the High-Z milling machine but can also powerfully mill steel.

Real high speed with up to 34 meters per minute driving speed!

This CNC Router was developed especially for even better accuracy (repeatability is about 0.01 mm) and higher driving speed. We improved our machines continuously over the years and adapted to the requirements of everyday industrial life. The mill produces high precision results at a remarkable speed in both, individual and series production.

With the High-Z S-400/T and 720/T, for example, rapid traverses with up to 34,000 mm/minute* (*only in combination with CAM software KinetiC-NC) and working speeds of up to 12,000 mm/minute can be realized. The extensive range of accessories provides the user with countless machining options.

Robust and stable construction with special high-quality aluminium profiles

The frame is built of aluminium profiles with four times internal bars. This basic construction gives the CNC Router more stability which is necessary for milling solid materials like hardwood, aluminium and steel. For precise milling work, each axis including its components resist the milling forces effortlessly without swinging up.

Precise and high accuracy due to hand work

Our mechanics make any necessary adjustments during the machine assembly to provide a milling process without vibration for top 3D and 2D results. The additional stability is well processed and gives the CNC Router more speed and power.

Open frame for unlimited machining opportunities

Due to the open frame, you can also machine large workpieces with the High-Z, for example, guitars or control cabinets. The downward open construction is also beneficial when you use the CNC Router as a plasma cutter because you can place the machine directly on the steel sheet to cut any shape out of it.

Unlimited free live-support for all CNC Router customer

The purchase of a High-Z Routers always includes unlimited free live-support. The entire CNC Router Machine is made in Germany. At CNC-STEP customer care comes in the first place.

Our support starts when you first contact us and ends when you sell the purchased CNC machine. And even then the free support continues because it does not matter who is the current owner of the milling machine.

Our whole team will not rest until you are completely satisfied

Our personal support starts with your first contact with us and ends on the day you resell the purchased CNC milling machine. And even then, we are still available to the new owner with advice and support. Because with our free support it does not matter who the current owner of the milling machine is.

Video to the High-Z/T – Series – Customer’s voice

Video Customers voice High-Z

Video Milling steel

Milling steel

Machining stainless steel

Machining plastic

Machining wood

Plasma cutting

Model overview High-Z T-Series

CNC Router High-Z S400T
High-Z S-400/T 400x300mm
CNC Router High-Z S-720T
High-Z S-720/T 720x420mm
CNC Router High-Z S-1000/T
High-Z S-1000/T 1000x600mm
CNC Router High-Z S-1400T
High-Z S-1400/T 1400x800mm
CNC Router High-Z S-1400/T-105
CNC Router High-Z S-2100/T front new