CNC Router

High-Z / T-series

High precision CNC Router with ball screws

For more precision and real high-speed!

The CNC Router Type High-Z/T with ball screws for quick and precise 2D and 3D milling, drilling, cutting and engraving.

Special feature: Open frame construction for processing big workpieces, for example, big 3D objects, guitars and control cabinets.

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CNC Steuerung inklusive

CNC Router of the High-Z T-Series

Our bestseller for high precision milling

The CNC Router High-Z of the T-Series is always a good choice, no matter if you are looking for an industrial machine, which is taking 8-hour-shifts or if you need a machine for any private purposes.

With the T-model of the milling machine, you obtain well-tried technology. The High-Z Router has been designed for more accuracy (repeat accuracy approx. 0,01 mm) and speed for bulk production when every second of time-saving counts with regards to the individual production.

Robust construction with special high-quality aluminium profiles

The frame is built of aluminium profiles with four times internal bars. This basic construction gives the CNC Router more stability which is necessary for milling solid materials like hardwood, aluminium and steel. For precise milling work, each axis including its components resist the milling forces effortlessly without swinging up.

High accuracy due to hand work

Our mechanics make any necessary adjustments during the machine assembly to provide a milling process without vibration for top 3D and 2D results. The additional stability is well processed and gives the CNC Router more speed and power.

Unlimited free live-support for all CNC Router customers

The purchase of a High-Z Router always includes unlimited free live-support. The entire CNC Router Machine is made in Germany. At CNC-STEP customer care comes in the first place.

Our support starts with your first contact with us and ends on the day you resell the purchased CNC machine. And even then we are still the new owner with words and deeds to the side because, with our free support, it does not matter who the current owner of the milling machine.

Including 4 axis CNC control

The price of all High-Z Routers includes a 5 channel 4 axis CNC control which is GERMAN TÜV certified.



Model overview High-Z T-Series

CNC Fräse High-Z S-400 T
High-Z S-400/T 400x300mm
CNC Router with ballscrews
High-Z S-720/T 720x420mm
xyz table
High-Z S-1000/T 1000x600mm
CNC Fräsmaschine High-Z S-1400 T
High-Z S-1400/T 1400x800mm
cnc router machine

Features High-Z T-Series

  • Drive system: 4 brushless 2 phases stepping motors with 4,2 ampere each
  • 2 motors for constant tension and compression during milling operation on X-Axis
  • Feed through of long workpieces possible, because there’s no belt drive at the end of the X-axle
  • Ball bearings at both sides of ball screws on X and Y axis
  • Working speed around 8000 mm/min max.
  • Traverse speed of rapid feed: max. 12.000 mm/min
  • Technical resolution : 0,00635 mm ( 1/10 Step )
  • Reversal error max.: +/- 10µm ( 0,01mm )
  • Reference- and limit switch on all axes
  • Double safety emergency stop button
  • Energy chain for clean cabling
  • Milling Motor anchorage: Euroneck Ø43mm
  • incl. Software WIN PCNC Light (optional high performance software KinetiC-NC, WIN PCNC Economy, USB or professional)
  • incl. Software ConstruCAM-3D limited ( recommended sell price full version 1902.81 EUR)
    To use the software CAD CAM ConstruCAM in full screen, you need the milling software version WIN PCNC Economy upward or KinetiC-NC
  • Modular frame for universal application
  • An approx. 30-minute long introduction during pick up and an unlimted telephone support via Team Viewer Software are also included.
  • An approx. 2 hours long introduction and an installation of software on your brought note book/ PC as well as a explanation of fundamental terms of Corel Draw, KinetiC-NC etc. possible, too.

Digital CNC controller included

Technical data of the CNC controller:cnc router machine controller

  • 5-Channel Stepper motor – CNC-Controller with actual SMD-Technology
  • Main voltage 115 – 240 Volt / 47 – 63 Hz.
  • Motor current 5 x 3,5 Ampere
  • Microstep controller Resolution 1/10-Step / 2000 Steps/Rev.
  • 5 Connections for 5 brushless Motor / Stepper motor
  • Connection with parallel port and Software WIN PCNC Light, Economy or USB with WIN PCNC USB or Profi version. ( Also possible:MACH3, USBCNC, NC-Easy LINUX EMC and LINUX CNC and much other stepper driver software.)
  • “Sleep-Function” for controlling current down
  • Oszillation motor-Connection 24 Volt by PWM controllable ( for example: Tangential knife ) or  24 Volt constant for motor Break by ST-plug
  • 2 relais for maximum 1200 Watt by Software switchable (up from WIN PCNC Light), 230 Volt, max. 6,0 A / Plug (for example Air compressor, cooling, exhaust, dust extraction).
  • 0 – 10 Volt for connecting a HF converter for an high frequency spindle
  • 12 Status-LEDs for monitoring all important function (Power, Toggle, Move, X, Y, Z, C; Overheat, Emergency stop, Relais: Spindle / Cooling, Short Circuit)
  • Connection possibility of 4 end- or. Reference switches and one Emergency Stop switch
  • Motor connection by D-Sub 9-pin. (C-Axis: 15-pin.)
  • Emergency-Stop Switch
  • Overheating protection
  • Short circuit protection

Functions, accessory and prices – CNC Router Type High-Z/T

Technical data High-Z CNC Routers with ball screwsS400 TS720 TS1000 TS1400 TS1400 T/105
Article Number100110100120100130100140100160
X Axis Travel400 mm720 mm1000 mm1400 mm1400 mm
Y Axis Travel300 mm420 mm600 mm800 mm1050 mm
Z Axis Travel110 mm110 mm110 mm110 mm110 mm
Clearance Z (Upper edge machine frameunder
edge bridge)
107 mm107 mm107 mm109 mm109 mm
Clamping Area X730 mm1050 mm1330 mm1730 mm1730 mm
Clamping Area Y390 mm510 mm690 mm890 mm1170 mm
Weight31 kg41 kg51 kg82 kg80 kg
Length over all X730 mm1050 mm1330 mm1730 mm1730 mm
Width over all Y570 mm690 mm870 mm1070 mm1350 mm
Height over all Z575 mm575 mm575 mm575 mm575 mm
Linear Guides Diameter X/Y Ø22/22 mm22/22 mm22/22 mm22/30 mm22/30 mm
Linear Guides Diameter Z Ø16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm
Add. Ball Linear Guides X-Axis / HIWIN– / optional
Steps per Revolution 1/10 Micro-Step20002000200020002000
Ø Ball Screws / Spindles DiameterX/Y/Z10/10 mm10/10 mm10/10 mm12,7/12,7 mm12,7/12,7 mm
Slope10 mm10 mm10 mm12,7 mm12,7 mm
Programmable Resolution0,005 mm0,005 mm0,005 mm0,00635 mm0,00635 mm
Backlash+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatable Accuracy0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm
Max. Rapid Speed X + Y12000 mm/min12000 mm/min12000 mm/min12000 mm/min12000 mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed8000 mm/min8000 mm/min8000 mm/min8000 mm/min8000 mm/min
Digital CNC Controller Zero3 / 5-Channel
Operating System with Software
Windows / Linux
incl. Full Version 3D-Software CADCAM
ConstruCam-3D with
Postprocessor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR (incl. 19 % German VAT)3.267,003.823,004.373,007.767,008.095,00
Operating instructions
Quick-start guide for High-Z Series CNC RoutersDEEN
High-Z T-Series operating manualDEEN
High-Z S 1400-T operating manualDEEN