CNC Signmaking engraving bit Amana Tool®

Aluminium, Plastic, Wood, Solid surfaces

CNC Signmaking
engraving bit 30°

Type 45771-MK

• Spektra™-coating

• 6 mm shank

• Solid carbide

• 30° 1-flute

• 0,127 mm tip

 36,89 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC signmaking engraving bit with 0.127 mm tip

The Amana Tool® CNC singmaking engraving bit from the Spektra series achieves extra-fine marking and carving details with a 0.127 mm narrow tip and a 30° angle. These tools you can use for aluminium, wood, plastic and solid surface materials. Depending on the power of the CNC machine, a maximum speed of 28,000 rpm is recommended.

The Spektra™-CNC signmaking engraving bits also feature a nACo® nanocomposite coating with extreme nano-hardness and high heat resistance. With a brilliant, distinctly tinted colour, the nACo®-coating offers additional improvements in terms of the service life of the engraving and milling tools when machining with CNC machines.

Long-lasting CNC signmaking engraving bit thanks to nano-coating

This micro-thin ceramic nano-coating enables the cutting edge of the CNC graver to retain its decisive sharpness and lubricity. The nACo® coating prevents high heat and oxidation during operation, which could reduce the performance of the cutting tool. That ensures durability and produces cutting results of the highest quality.

Due to the many different materials, you can engrave, a reliable and durable CNC signmaking engraving bit for signmaking is exceptionally beneficial and produces impressive results.

CNC signmaking engraving bit 45771-MK collet Amana Tool

CNC signmaking engraving bit up to 2.5 times higher strength

These multi-coloured shades of the coating are a real eye-catcher, but they evaporate when you use the CNC signmaking engraving bit for the first time, but the coating remains fully effective.

A nACo® coating offers up to 2.5 times the strength of an uncoated tool in the tip area, at around 4,500 Vickers.

Note: The blue colour of the coating disappears immediately after use. The nACo® nanocomposite coating and its function remain unaffected.

Our CNC signmaking engraving bits with ceramic coating are ideal for extra-fine carving and lettering details, for example, in advertising technology.

The following materials are suitable with the CNC signmaking engraving bit:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Solid material surfaces

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