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3D PhotoFormer

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3D PhotoFormer Software for professional photo-engravings, relief manufacturing consisting of greyscale values and cast scanning

Engravings made of greyscale pictures

for Windows NT/XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10

Our TIP: Please download our free DEMO VERSION before buying to test if it is executable together with your machine and postprocessor!

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Create 3D reliefs from images

JPG to G-Code Converter

JPG to G-Code Converter

The engraving software is suitable for 3D milling or 3D engraving of colour images, grayscale images and photos with .BMP and .JPG file

extensions. In this process, you create according to your wishes for the milling paths of a 3D relief. The CNC milling machine creates the desired 3D object from the data.

All photos, even colour photos, can be converted into 3D data

Use all available free pictures from the internet or those taken with your own digital camera or cell phone! Even subsequent 3D engraving of old images uploaded to the program you can quickly and easily implement.

With 3D PhotoFormer software, you can achieve fantastic results in wood, plexiglass, brass, plastic or engraving plastic. You can use colour photos or black and white photos.

Grayscale to a 3D relief

3D relief illuminated

3D relief illuminated

It is effortless to create 3D reliefs from grayscale images. The software first converts your colour photo into a grayscale image. According to your

specifications for the relief’s height, the corresponding milling depths are calculated from the greyscales. Thereby, the lighter parts of the image form shallow engraving depths and the darker areas form the deep engraving paths.

Create topographic 3D maps

This software is also suitable for topographic 3D map relief, and already, many schools and museums use it to create such 3D relief maps.

Topography milled in aluminium

3D Topography milled in aluminium

With real-time 3D simulation

In the software, you can view the engraving results with 3D preview and under real-time indication from various viewing angles and simulate all milling processes in 3D.

Our 3D PhotoFormer software also reads files in bitmap format. The colours or even grayscale from the image template are used to adjust the depth. These results are then transferred to the workpiece by the Z-axis of the milling machine. Furthermore, shading and different photo layers are also displayed by implementing the corresponding milling depth or cutting depth. Besides, the 3D PhotoFormer software can also to implement various tool overlaps, depths and tool radii.

Huge tool library

An extensive tool library with nine predefined example tools is available. It can be expanded by any number of additional tools, specifying all the cutter parameters. You will achieve perfect results with your CNC router in no time.

The JPG to STL and G-Code converter

The G-code converter integrated with the software ensures a clean conversion of the bitmap data into a G-code milling path. Output as .STL is also possible. Here, post-processing options such as smoothing etc. are feasible in all other programs. You can also use the program for lithophanes.

Create lithophany with the photoengraving software

It is just as easy to create lithophanes from any photo with the software.

Features of the CNC engraving software

Product Characteristics of the tool paths generator software

  • Shift Conversion for JPG and BMP
  • 9 predefined example tools, can be extended by any number of additional tools
  • Metric/inch changer
  • 3D tool preview
  • Rapid motion and definition of number of revolutions
  • Hideable colours
  • Individually definable number of cuts
  • Individual calibration of pictures
  • 3D preview
  • Real time display with tools
  • Calculation of time for milling process
  • Preview is individually scaleable
  • Loupe for detailed amplification
  • Individually defined surface
  • Reference point arbitrary
  • Simple menu guidance by means of picture definition
  • STL and DXF export

Post Processors

  • CNC STEP High-Z
  • Autograv
  • EdingCNC
  • Fadal
  • Fanuc
  • Haas
  • Heidenhein
  • Isel_EP1090
  • Siemens 810
  • DIN ISO G-Codes
  • Mach2
  • Mach3
  • ShopBot
  • Maxcnc
  • Nullpunkt für T
  • Selca3045
  • Tecno-Isel
  • TurboCnc4
  • Xilog

Furthermore this software can easily be connected to our 3D Scankit.

In order to accomplish this, you process simple casts of the reproducing parts and x-ray them in a specially translucid mass, photograph them thus making them reproducible by 3D PhotoFormer.

In addition to that this software is also able to produce background lighted lithophany pictures. These look very unimpressive in the first moment, however, they unveil their full beauty on a visible photo when it comes to background lightening.

Delivery includes clearing code via eMail.

This specially designed and compiled software can only be obtained at CNC-STEP! In addition to the available languages others can be added without much effort.

Available languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Polish