CAD CAM Software ConstruCAM-3D

CAD CAM Software

The latest cost / performance ratio criterion

available for Windows NT/XP/2000/Vista

ConstruCAM-3D CAD CAM is for free if you buy a cnc machine from CNC-STEP
(without High-Z S-400)!!!

1.546,00 €

(incl. 19% German VAT)

System requirments

for the operation of ConstruCAM-3D CAD CAM you need a PC with the following allocations:

  • Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 32/64 Bit with min. 512 MByte main memory
  • Grafic VGA. resolution: Min.: 800Pix.*600Pix. or higher. Min. 16235 colours or more
  • Hard Drive Disc 100MByte free or more
  • 2 – button or better 3 – button – Mouse