DeskProto CAM Software


DeskProto is an NC programming system (CAM)

for automatically generating 3D CNC codes for CNC machines.

Available in 3 versions: Entry, Expert & Multiaxis.

from 172,55 €

(incl. German VAT)

To run Deskproto you need a PC with the following requirements:

  • Windows operating system
  • CPU: Minimum 1GHz (recommended 2Ghz)
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB
  • Grafic: Standard graphic card
  • Connections: LPT (printer port) and / or USB
  • Hard disk with enough free memory
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • monitor

At an exceptionally low price, the system offers the simple, fast and safe production of 3D CNC code. Main areas of application are 3D milling and rapid prototyping with CNC milling machines.

was designed to create CNC programs quickly and easily using 3D geometry.

Particular care was taken to ensure that even CNC beginners quickly achieve decent and high-quality results with the program.

The software is designed almost exclusively for the 3D area. Rapid-Prototyping on CNC machines speeds up the development and design process, as it quickly gives a “tangible” result.

DeskProto needs only a 3D model to create the CNC programs. Programs are generated for 3-axis machines, optionally also with rotary axis (see picture), ie on 4-axis CNC machines. Standard projects can be saved within the processing and used so quickly for new projects.

DeskProto is very inexpensive. An easy handling, a short learning process and a small price distinguish this software especially.

DeskProto Version overview

DeskProto Entry

In the ENTRY Edition, the CAM program provides the most important parameters for creating the G-code for 3D models and simple 2D milling. Also, the 3D milling of a bitmap file is supported.

DeskProto Expert

The EXPERT Edition has the complete DeskProto functionality for 3D CAM programming for CNC machines with three simultaneous axes.

DeskProto Multi-Axis

In addition to three and four-axis (4-channel or 5-channel) machines, the MULTI-AXIS Edition also supports 5-axis CNC machines with a pivotable rotary axis for 3D CAM programming.

Functional Comparison ENTRY
3D Import (STL, VRML, meshed DXF)
2D Import /DXF, EPS, AI)
Bitmap Import (jpg, gif, bmp)
For machines with:
3 Axes
4 Axes (3 Axes + rotation axis)
4 Axes (3 Axes +Index axis)
 5.Axis (manual)
Parallel to the X-axis
Crosswise, block, Z-constant, 3D contour outside
Circular or spiral milling
Meander, synchronism, counter milling
Project 2D geometry onto 3D model
Automatic, dynamic feed adjustment
with large removal
Patial processing
define processing spaces (segments)
Define freeform segments
interleave free-form segments
Milling only model
many already exist
User configurable
Scripts (wizards)
various standard scripts
own scripts
123WaxRing Assistant
Show undercuts
3D simulation
inverse processing
Two sides machining (assistant)
automatically install webs
Tool holder collision check
Convert bitmap to 3D
Project bitmap onto 3D models

And that’s how easy it is (video):

It’s so easy to work with our machines! Design your drawing or CAD data, e.g. in ConstruCAM-3D or Corel Draw and convert them into a G-code. The CNC machine is controlled by the CNC program Win-PC NC.