2D, 2.5D & 3D
CAM software

Estlcam with English user interface available as full version. CAM software for 2D, 2.5D and 3D milling.

Also ideal for beginners without programming knowledge. (Estlcam control module not included in the price)

Included free of charge with the purchase of a new CNC-STEP machine! (For machine orders from 01.09.2020 – except for High-Z S-400)

Download the free trial version!

53,55 €

(incl. German VAT)

Estlcam for easy & quick start

Estlcam is a software for creating G-codes for easy and quick start and can also be used as control software when using the corresponding Estlcam Controller. You can use this CAM software for work preparation and matching for CNC machines with up to 3 axes.

The program is ideally designed for use in the hobby sector. To find out whether Estlcam meets your requirements, you can download the free trial version and try it out extensively.

Multilingual CAM user interface

The Estlcam 2D, 2.5D & 3D CAM software is available in English and German. Besides, the multilingual CAM user interface offers several other languages (fra, ita, zho, jpn, kor, ndl, pol, por, rou, rus, rus, swe, srb, slk, spa, cze, tur, hun, vnm). Because here, dedicated users have contributed to the translations, so that these were subsequently integrated into the software.

Estlcam contains countless help functions

With countless help functions in the software itself, as well as video tutorials on YouTube, Estlcam is particularly easy to use, especially for inexperienced users. Since no previous knowledge is required, work such as tiling, mirroring and rotating can be carried out in just a few steps. With other available CAM programs, these operations take much more time.

Even for more experienced users, the software offers the advantage that they can implement small changes or short projects in a short time.

Many different postprocessors available

Furthermore, the Estlcam software contains many different postprocessors with pre-set parameters for various controllers. In our case, there is a corresponding selection field for our KinetiC-NC controller. In total there are postprocessors for over 27 different controllers, such as ISEL, Mach3, Siemens or WinPC-NC.

Clear and intuitive

On the one hand, the operation is effortless, and the structure of Estlcam 3D is structured and intuitive. Another advantage of the test version is that there is no limitation on the G-code, and there are no other technical restrictions. Only the opening and saving of created files take a little longer over time, with pauses.

Now everyone can decide for himself whether to purchase a license key for Estlcam and then convert the trial version into a full version.