Filou NC – CAM Software


for WinPC-NC

especially suitable for 2D machining

 from 168.00 €

(excl. German VAT)


Now, everything from the first drawing to data transfer to Win PCNC can be done with FILOU-NC. This means that still DXF files can be imported and … now also finished CNC-programs can be imported and simulated.

Produce in CNC-programmes for step-motor-coltrolling Win PC-NC fast. DIN/ISO as well as HPGL-Format.

  • Geometrie
  • CAM
  • CNC-Editor
  • 3D-Simulation
  • Milling radius / correction
  • Milling speed and revolution calcuation
  • direct connection to WIN PCNC up tp 60%

Optimise the milling paths of your HPGL files and save up to 60%and more time when deleting unnecessary trial runs with FILOU-NC. This is NC-programming with real fun.

Also save at the price!
FILOU-NC for WinPC-NC offers a fantastic value for money!


The most important capability characteristics og Filou-NC for WIN PCNC

…directly to WinPC-NC without any diversions

Transfer your finished programmes directly to WinPC-NC without diversions. WinPC-NC can be opened with the program develped in FILOU-NC. Or save your file including geometry and NC-Code as project.

Optimisong drill paths

You dril a lot? leave the work up to FILOU-NC. If you wish borings ca be registered according to size, arranged and drilled automatically

Deep drilling, pockets, free-hand-milling, circle-pockets…

…milling of text, contours and more can be done automatically with FILOU.

Or mill a circle poscket or a dowel with a helix milling path.

Radius control during milling operations is automatically…

Draw your working pieces in final dimension not considering how large your drill-bit will be later. FILOU-NC calculates the path-correction automatically for each drill-bit used.

If you wish the tool-admisitration in FILOU-NC also calculates the correct milling speed and rotation moment of the spindle.


Import your geometry (AutoCAD-DXF, HPGL, MegaCAD-CDL, G-Code).
Using particular functions, you correct the imported geometry or develop a new one with with CAD_functions supplied.


You simply generate your NC-program from the geometry. Contours, pockets, circle-pockets, milling of text, free-hand-miling, drilling with path-optimisation, and if you wish, machine-specific cycles. In addition there are tool-administration with step-data-calculation option.


A modern CNC-Editor with built-in work-program can process almost all large CNC-files. Beside conventional commands there are CNC-specific functions. The built-in work-ptogram makes even the processing of complex CNC-files a mere child’s play.

Simulate your programmes in 3D

When the program is completed, you can simulate and check the CNC-code immediately. This is faster than simulating by test-run on the machine without any material.

3D simulation of 3D objects 

You can simulate pre-existing CNC programs too. For example 3D programs with maximum three shareable axles (XYZ) from DeskProto.

Overview of FILOU NC-MILL for WIN PCNC:

Filou NC-Mill für WinPC-NC
Scope of processingmilling + drilling
Standard Postprocessors
(scope of delivery)
HPGL (lines)
HPGL (lines + arches)not expandable
directly at WinPC-NC
for FILOU-NC Mill and FILOU-NC Mill / SE