Target 3001!

Target 3001

Target 3001Teaser

Schematic and PCB Layout Software

In five different versions available

from 69,00 €

(incl. 19% German VAT)

A special SOFTWARE for creating metal blank- layouts and front plates incl 3D view! Mill by yourself in future. (Target 3001 generates HPGL)

TARGET 3001! is a worldwide unique software with a wiring diagram, a mixed mode-simulation, a metal blank- layout with an automatic positioner and autorouter (intern), an EMV-analysis and front plates- mill module in one program and all functions base on one project data! As well as some other professional Features. TARGET 3001! is suitable for Rapid Prototyping for 3D-Design , too. TARGET 3001! supports your RoHS concurring design!

Find news in V12 here.

Get convinced by the efficiency and forget wiry and error-prone work with different not compatible programs! Besides there’s TARGET 3001!

Made in Germany and complete in german language.

Find more information about milling of circuit boards with our CNC milling machines High –Z here. You find examples about milling of front plates here, too.