WinPC-NC USB (Fa. Lewetz)


WinPC-NC USB Teaser

WinPC-NC USB – the popular CNC control software

as Plug & Play variant from the company Lewetz

303,45 €

(incl. German VAT)

To operate the CNC control software, you need a PC with the following requirements:

  • Windows operating system
    • WinPC-NC Light und Economy: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with 32 Bit
    • WinPC-NC Professional & USB: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 with 32/64 Bit
  • CPU: minimum 1GHz (recommended 2Ghz)
  • RAM: minimum 512 MB
  • Graphics: standard graphics card
  • Connections: LPT (printer port) and/or USB
  • Hard disk with sufficient free space
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Screen

The CNC control software that turns your standard PC into a universal stepper motor CNC control.

PLUG & Play Version (eco, USB and Profi) without having to parameterise the machine – only with CNC-STEP! Screenshot here


The range of functions is comparable to the WinPC-NC economy version, but it controls the machine via a USB module included in the scope of delivery. On the housing of the USB module, there are again two connections compatible with the LPT interface.

The CNC control program for Windows has a considerably extended range of functions, is fully 3D-capable, and controls up to 4 axes. It also has many additional functions, such as tangential cutting, 4th axis, utility function, and offers support for unusual mechanical components. WinPC-NC USB also has considerably more import filters than the entry-level version. Controlling the machine is possible via a USB interface.

For more information, please see the WinPC-NC page.

WinPC-NC USB Features

  • simple, intuitive operation
  • runs on modern PCs from 1GHz, Win2k/XP/Vista/7, USB 2.0 port
  • machine control via small USB box ncUSB with 2 LPT pin-compatible ports
  • runs with all clock/direction electronics, signal level 5V TTL up to 80kHz
  • excellent and precise motor control and therefore smooth, jerk-free movements
  • PWM and toggle safety signal interpolated travel of all axes
  • the machine moves 2D, 2.5D, or real 3D, also with 4th axis
  • import filter for HPGL, drilling data, Multi-CAM 2D/3D, DIN/ISO, IselNCP, and EPS/AI
  • powerful editor integrated or external editor configurable
  • step-by-step teach-in with keys and mouse
  • graphical display with scale, zoom and rotate or mirror data
  • speeds, ramps, axis resolutions, etc. adjustable for all axes
  • various external signals for synchronization
  • with other components
  • multilingual, 17 European and Asian languages, switchable after installation
  • comprehensive manual

Simple commissioning

The Win PCNC USB software control is already pre-configured when delivered, and you can put it into operation in just a few steps. The connection to the machine is made simple via a USB 2.0 interface and the small ncUSB box included in the scope of delivery.

ncUSB box and cable included in the range of delivery.

Up to 4 stepper motor axes can be controlled via clock/direction signals according to the industry standard with 5V levels. Various input signals or outputs ensure an optimal and safe connection to the machine and the outside world.

The interface assignment on ncUSB is the same as on our other control programs, i.e., retrofitting of existing controls is possible without great effort.

Easy machine operation

Win PCNC offers complete and safe control of the connected machine with various functions. Manual movement is carried out step-by-step with the keyboard, mouse buttons, or joystick.

You can use various test functions to optimize the parameters, tune the axis settings or check the defined inputs and outputs.

Import filters for many NC formats

Win PCNC USB has import filters for the widely used PLT or HPGL language and drilling formats according to Sieb&Meier or Excellon and can thus machine engravings or model components of unlimited size and complexity.

Furthermore, import filters are available for MultiCAM files in 2D and 3D, Isel NCP, ECP and AI Postscript, and the DIN/ ISO language or G-codes used in professional machine tools.

You can create new programs with the integrated editor or drawing or design programs.

Intelligent path control

Win PCNC is a proper contouring control that uses powerful look-ahead functions to determine and set the optimum speed in all situations.

The machine constantly moves at the best possible speed during a travel job, needs no “pauses for thought,” and always optimally adapts the travel behavior to the subsequent contouring process.

Real-time operation with external box

Win PCNC USB uses the small additional box ncUSB for real-time control and thus decouples the time-critical tasks from the Windows computer. The result is immaculate and time-accurate motor control and, therefore, smooth and precise movements.

Quick start macro programming WinPC-NC DE
Basic settings High-Z series for WinPC-NC DE
Basic settings RaptorX-SL series for WinPC-NC DE
Basic settings T-Rex series for WinPC-NC DE
Computer and system optimisation for the use of WinPC-NC DE
Parameter profiles WinPC-NC Profi Zip-Archive
Parameter profiles WinPC-NC USB Zip-Archive