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WinPC-NC by the company Lewetz – available in 4 versions

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The efficiency of WinPC NC

This shown drive is just a test presentation. The motors are on the verge of their load limit. In case of faster drive step loss would arise. Because of this fact we advise you to use a much lower traverse speed in the manual, so the motors can work without step loss and with a strong torque. The video just helps to demonstrate the stability of WIN PCNC with a giving of a high chopping frequency.


To develop your project you can work very easy with our machines in connection with Corel Draw and with WIN PCNC as controlling software for your CNC machine.

Features of WinPC-NC

Detailed description about WIN PCNC Profi:

The software WinPC-NC is a software which will change any standard PC in conjunction with our axis-controller CNC-control into a universal NC-controller and governs 3 or 4 axis. The controller is necessary, because under    Ms-Windows as multitasking operating system no or only reduced tasks on hard real time conditions can be implemented. This transfers the Achs controller in outstanding way.

For over 5 years WinPC-NC has been used hundreds of times successfully world wide and proves its reliability and precision in various applications on a daily basis.

Easy Start up

The NC-controller WinPC-NC and the axis-controller CNC-Control are already preconfigured at delivery and can be used without any problems. Connection between both components can be made with a zero-modem cable which is part of the delivery scope. Final performance stages of all axis and various additional signals are connected to controller CNC-Control. Except standard TTL-signals, also opto-decoupled input/output with 24V is optional possible. Interface assignment is done similarly to our other control-softwares. Modification from existing controls is therefore easily possible.

Import-filter for more than one NC-format

WinPC-NC is equipped with import-filters for NC formats used most. Besides the commonly used HPGL language it is also compatible with various drill-formats such as Sieb&Maier or Excellon, MultiCam-files in 2D and 3D as well as DIN/ISO language, which are used in conjunction with professional tool-machines. Further on WinPC-NC can read ISEL-NCP-software and vector-information such as EPS or AI-files. New projects can be constructed with the integrated editor or drafting package which runs on Windows (eg. CorelDraw).

Easy to use

With its many functions WinPC-NC offers complete and safe control over the connected machine. Manual tool movement can be controlled step by step via keyboard, mouse click or joystick. A variety of test-functions allows optimization of parameters or checking of a defined axis position.

Real multitasking

WinPC-NC is a real multitasking software and does not interfere with windows or different programs. After having started a milling task one can use other programs, e.g. a CAD software to construct the next piece. Using the axis controller CNC-Control guarantees a clean, quiet and smooth milling operation on one hand and frees the PC from critical real-time tasks.

Intelligent path control

In conjunction with our axis controller CNC-Control, WinPC-NC describes a real path-control, which with help of efficient look-ahead functions establishes and adjusts optimal speed in all situations. During a project the machine runs smoothly and consistent using the most appropriate speed, it does not need ‘thinking pauses’ and adjusts its operational behaviour according to the direction of the following contours. Path control is even then reliable, if the axis dissolutions for three axis are different or motor-settings vary. 

Managing different tasks

Besides the usual end- and reference switches WinPC-NC can adiminister different inputs for synchronisation with external components. Apart from a start signal there are e.g. signals for spindle speed, clamping and fixing of work pieces, Z-position reached etc. On grounds of wide ranging parameter settings WinPC-NC can adapt to a variety of applications. We are happy to realize further customised settings according to your requirements.

Opto-decoupled in/out (24V)

Optionally you can operate up to 48 opto-decoupled entrances and up to 24 opto-decoupled or relais-exits, which guarantees industrial use.


A complete software-SPS in integrated in the axis controller CNCCON. This software can control Step-5 with more than 50 SPS commands (timer, counter, …). Hence various safety functions, control of peropherical equipments or complex supervision funtions can be realised in parallel to  CNC-tasks.

Analog output 0-10V for rotational speed of spindle

The rotational speed of the spindle at frequency static frequency chengers can be controlled with a 0-10V signal output. Further on isynchronisation of work process with one entrance number of revolutions of spindle and further entrances such as spindle-stop and spindel error is controlled.

Speed-override and override of rotational speed

With keyboard, keypad or mouse one can change feed rate as well as rotational speed of spindle during motion online between 10% and 200%.


WinPC-NC will control settings of a maximum cutting depth and all following router movement, even in 3D. In that way for example the desk surface can be protected from possible damage.

Control of error messages

Control and message service of possible errors such as light grid, protection screen, fill height of cooling spray, air pressure, drive etc with difinable error messages. 

Loadable ramp-profiles

Ramps are calculated by CNCCON automatically. With their slight sinus-profile they are appropriate for most cases. When using unusual kinematics or difficult proportion of loads around the axis, loadable ramp profiled can deliver a better acceleration. Ramp profiles exist in text-format and are selected according to all parameters. 

Synchronisation with various entrance signals

With various entrance-signals WinPC-NC can synchronise the process of a CNC-program. Possible are for example one eternal starting signal, one signal fast fixing and when using a non-motorical Z-Axis, two signals for up and down.

Individual macros

One of WinPC-NC’s strongest points are the wide ranging programming possibilities of Macros. This means that a large variety of functions such as movement, waiting times, waiting for entrances, setting outputs etc can be combined and linked to specific situations. Macros can be used for example when starting or stopping a job, before or after Z-movement (PU and PD commands), when changing a tool and in other stages. Examples are the moment of trepan when gas cutting or the start of an automated change of tool.

Surface block

Defining the surface of a work piece or the actual machine-table will be done by WinPC-NC automatically with a ‘surface-block’. Thickness of the block is defined via parameter and adjusted when calculating the Z-heights. 

Automatic Change of tools

With WinPC-NC cotrol of automated change of tools is a snap. Individual changing processes can be controlled comfortably with Macros, which allows adjustment at a variary of mechanics.  Synchronsation happens with several digital signals such as spindle-stop, clamp opening/closing, fasten tool. Checking of tools when fixed is possible with digital signals and therefore avoides malfunction during the changing process.

Overview of Win PCNC USB:

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • runs on modern PCs starting with 1 GHz, Win2k/XP/Vista/7, USB 2.0 interface
  • machine drive via small USB box ncUSB with 2 LPT pin-compatible connections
  • runs with all stroke/direction electronics, signal level 5V TTL up to 80 kHz
  • absolutely smooth and accurate motor control and therefore smooth movements without shock
  • PWM and Toggle safety signal thus interpolated drive on all axes
  • machine runs 2D, 2.5D or real 3D, also on the 4th axis
  • import filter for HPGL, drilling data, multi CAM 2D/3D, DIN/ISO, IselNCP and EPS/AI
  • integrated powerful editor or configurable external editor
  • step-by-step teach-in for keys and mouse
  • graphical display with measure, data zoom, turning and mirroring
  • speeds, ramps, axis resolving power, etc. applicable for all axes
  • diverse external signals for synchronisation
  • further components included
  • multi-lingual, 17 European and Asian languages obtainable after installation
  • detailed manual

Simple Operation

The software control programme Win PCNC USB is already configured and can be easily operated. The connection to the machine works via a USB 2.0 interface and the

Box ncUSB including cable, which are included in the delivery.

Via stroke/direction signals you can control up to 4 stepping motor axes according to industrial standard by means of 5V levels. Various input signals or further outputs provide an optimum and safe connection between machine and outside world.

The seizure of the interface at the ncUSB needs to be carried out like all our control systems, which means any altering of earlier control systems can be done without much effort.

Easy Machine Operation

WinPC-NC provides complete and safe control of all connected machines by means of various functions. The manually operated drive takes place step by step by means of keyboard, mouse buttons or joystick.

Various test functions enable improvement of the parameters, which tune the axes adjustment or check all defined inputs and outputs.

Import filter for many NC formats

Win PCNC USB provides import filters for the well-known PLT or HPGL language as well as drilling formats according to Sieb&Meier or Excellonand is able to process engravings or model making components of unlimited size and complexity.

Furthermore import filters are available for MultiCAM files in 2D and 3D, Isel NCP, ECP and AI Postscript, as well as the DIN/ISO language or G codes, which are used for professional tool machines.

New programmes can either be issued by means of the integrated editor or can be generated by means of the drawing or construction programmes.

Intelligent Track Controller

Win PCNC provides true track controlling, which calculates and sets up the optimum speed by means of effective look-ahead-functions in any situation.

During processing the machine runs constantly at its best speed, is not „absent“ and adjusts the optimum ride quality to the following contour run.

Real time operation via external box

Win PCNC USB uses the little additional box ncUSB for real time controlling, thus disconnecting time-critical tasks of Windows computers. The result is an absolutely clear and precise motor control which provides smooth and exact movements.