CNC steel drilling and lowering using a step drill

Workpiece:Drivable hall floor steel plates
Traverse parth2000 mm x 3000 mm
Type of application:CNC drilling
Used machine & accsessories:RaptorX-SL, drilling steel
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

CNC steel drilling drivable heavy-hall floor steel plates

A customer who has specialized in the laying of steel plates in large factory shops manufactures large metal panels for hall floors, with the milling machine RaptorX SL using a drill spindle and a pneumatic downholder.

This requires, the steel sheets of different strengths, must completely be drilled and have a 90 ° lowering cut for the right position of the countersunk screws which later are used to attach.  A step drill is used in this case. So the other supposed tool change to a 90 ° cutter is avoided which additionally saves time and money.

CNC steel drilling as an inexpensive alternative to circular milling

The cnc steel drilling is a cost effective alternative to 3D circular milling as machines that can install a such wide chamfer by milling in steel, must have a very solid construction and heavy, usually made of cast iron components to reduce vibration. Such machines with 3 x 2 meter traverse are available starting at a price level of about 250,000 euros and would not be profitable here

In this case, CNC drilling is still a profitable way and to 100% feasible with our RaptorX SL CNC machines, even in the age of circular milling.