CNC Dust collector for Kress and Suhner

Absaugung/Absaugstutzen für High-Z CNC Fräse

CNC Suction adapter / Dust collector fits for vacuum cleaner

for CNC milling machines

89,00 €

(incl. 19% VAT)



CNC Suction adapter / Dust collector for vacuum cleaner / CNC Router / portal milling machine

Dust collector / dust Adapter for our High-Z and many other CNC-milling machines

A fitting, quick-to-mount suction adapter for every CNC-milling machine / portal milling machine with tool holders measuring a diameter of D=43 H7 ( almost all small portal milling machines meet these requirements)
The dust collector is adjustable in hight about 12mm. 2 different connection-diameters ( 32,5 und 38,5mm ) exist.

Therefor this adapter is suitable for all vacuum-cleaner tubes.

Simply connect your vacuum cleaner and you can start! If you desire to use this item with machines not built by us, you only have to drill 4 holes into the tool holder and cut 2 M4 threads.

This small suction system/ dust adapter for a vacuum cleaners makes sure, that there is no formation of dust on or around your work-piece during normal milling operations with various materials.

Therefor a high standard of cleanliness is given without annoying cleansing after and particulary during milling- or engraving process. Unnecessary dust formation is eliminated for both, machine and all ist components.

You save time cleaning the machine and work simply more professional.