A CNC woodworking expert at work

Mr. Elber does not only manufacture high quality 3D reliefs and works out inlays on round items as shown by means of these two parts …

He manufactures exclusive cnc woodworks for his customers, which are incomparable to any other product. We have to admit that special knowledge is needed for the manufacturing of the displayed pieces, however, everyone can at least try to adapt and apply his techniques.

Combined with turnery, Mr. Gershon (woodworker) conjures up some remarkable cnc woodworking results with his High-Z CNC Router.
Here you see the almost legendary teapot of DeskProto, displayed in its full beauty. We convey our thanks to Mr. Elber from Israel. Just to inform you: We will deal further with the subject CNC turnery with our High-Z in the future!
No matter if flower vases, artworks or inlays: Mr. Gershon tries everything and at the end, achieves high-quality results.

This enables you to carry out such works with even less aggravation.

Our thanks go to Mr. Elber for his great pictures!


General info

Workpiece:Vases, bowls, pitchers, design objects
Axis travel:400 mm x 300 mm
Applications:3D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S400, wood cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D