Support: Appreciation for the team of CNC-STEP



Criticism for the CNC support of competitors and appreciation for the CNC-STEP team

Mr. M. Waldauer expresses criticism.

Hello dear CNC-STEP Team,now that I have been a happy owner of a High Z S720 for over a week,this point I would like to express some criticism .

The CNC-STEP team - always there for you!

The CNC-STEP team – always there for you!

Since I work in support myself, I know how good it is that criticism does not always have to be negative.

For comparison, I would like to say that I have annoyed myself for a year using a hobby-mill of “go …”, which has destroyed numerous cutters and made a lot of high-quality material unusable, not mentioning the exorbitantly high number of hours , which I have wasted on this misconstruction. Also there was no support, after the 20. call without success I gave up.

Here, in my workshop, there is now a machine that can hardly be surpassed in precision, truce and material quality in this price scale, which is not cheap but nevertheless at a favourable price level.

In short, I am very satisfied with the machine and can calmly recommend it to anyone who plays with the idea of buying a milling machine. Last but not least, I would also like to commend the team that I have met during handover in your company. Friendliness, professional competence and customer proximity are definitely no foreign words with you!

Kind regards
Matthias Waldhauer