Cutting seals with Cutting Plotter and (oscillating) tangential knife

Using the tangential knife EOT-3 as an accessory, each of our CNC machines can be used as flatbed Cutting Plotter. These modules make your CNC mill a full flatbed Cutting Plotter, which is capable of even cutting hard rubber, cork and other sealings.

The CNC unit is designed for individual production as well as for serial production in shifts. In future, you will be able to cut your own workpieces, which can not be milled due to the structure of the material (too soft) with the flat-bed cutting plotter High-Z / T


General information

Traverse pathX=400 mm; Y=300 mm; Z= 110 mm
Type of application:flatbed plotter, tangential knife cutting
Used machine & accessories:High-Z S400, Tangential Knife EOT-3
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D, WinPC-NC