Wooden design lamps – lamps made of wood / birch – plywood – designer lamps

Workpiece:Design wooden lamp
MaterialBirch veneer plywood
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine an accessories:High-Z Router, wood milling cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

The creation of a design lamp made of wood

handcrafted lamps made of wood

handcrafted lamps made of wood

The founders of SUPERCONE from Denmark had an idea. They wanted to create a design lamp made of wood which should be unique in its design and form. They also set themselves the task of transforming the mostly unsightly bright light from energy saving lamps, into a warm light, with the help of the wood lamp form and the wood used.

Design wood lamp without glue

The next big challenge was to realize an assembly of the entire wooden lamp which does not require any adhesive or glue. The idea of a wood lamp was based, like so many good ideas of the modern era, on basic principles and the down-to-earth principle.

Birch veneer plywood – ideal material for wood lamps

After numerous sketches, numerous trials and prototypes, the team from SUPERCONE decided to use birch veneer plywood. This wood was ideal for processing with the milling machine. In matters of wood milling it is pleasant to process wood which is relatively short fibrous and solid. But back to the history of the wood lamps. Also attempts have been successfully completed to assemble these new design lamps without the use of glue, adhesives or clamps.

Flexibility of the birch plywood responsible for the implementation

Assembling with wooden hammer

Assembling with wooden hammer

The flexibility of the birch plywood makes it possible to build up a self-locking and double-curved three-dimensional geometry on the basis of flat wooden parts. Without the flexibility of the wood and an accuracy of one tenth of a millimeter within the parts to be manufactured, such a construction of the lamps made of wood would not be possible at all. Therefore a very special and high-quality birch plywood was chosen!

Plane plywood from sustainable forestry

Birch plywood was specially developed for flight model construction. For this, it must be almost 100% flawless. This kind of veneer plywood is made of ultra-thin layers which make it extremely dimensionally stable and durable. In addition, this wood is PEFC certified, which ensures a sustainable forestry with traceability of the wood. All in all, therefore ideal for the construction of lamps made of wood.

Design and nature in harmony

Wooden design lamps

Wooden design lamps

Asking the founders of the lamp company from Denmark, you get a clear answer: “Supercone is a design company that gets the most important inspiration for shapes and materials from nature itself. We are focused on simplicity and strive for soft reflections of light.” The two lamp designers have surely hit the mark with their creations!

We wish the team of Supercone continued success in creating new lighting designs and always a profitable business. Thank you very much for the rights to use the video and the pictures that resulted from our competition.

S-1000/T CNC Milling machine for lamp manufacture

The company Supercone used a High-Z S-1000/T  CNC milling machine.