Diamond Engraving Bit Holder

Diamond Engraving Bit Holder

Diamond engraving bit holder tool holder

Diamond engraving bit holder for CNC machines / tool holder for diamonds

with automatic pressure regulation for engraving with fixed diamond tools

149,94 €

(incl. German VAT)

Diamond Engraving Bit Holder

Diamond engraving bit holder with automatic pressure control

The CNC diamond engraving or diamond tool holder from CNC-STEP is suitable for all CNC milling machines, which have a Euro-neck mount with 43H7. A diamond (scratch engraver) is already included in the delivery.

Emden Gürtelschnalle Diamantgravuren

Scratch depth results from the material characteristics and Z depth

Z-feed automatically determines the cutting depth of the diamond that you define before for the work pass in the program. Also, of course, by the hardness and toughness of the material to be processed.

Cheap and high-quality diamonds

In the diamond engraving bit holder, only high-quality industrial diamonds should be used, as these have an up to 4 times longer service life as low-cost products. Our spare diamond costs 39 euros, for example, and the durability is so long, with proper handling, that you will wonder if this is actually still the first diamond used.

Exact manufacturing results in a top diamond engraving result

The highly precise CNC manufacturing of all parts mounted on the tool holder and precise guidance of the diamond in the holder, ensure that you can engrave the narrowest lanes next to each other without the diamond straying into the already existing lane. This is important to keep the brilliance of the diamond engraving clean.

Here are some examples of diamond engraving with our diamond and diamond engraving bit holder. Here are a video and a description of the Zippo lighter engraving.

How to use the engraving holder in the CNC machine

Diamond engraving bit holder with pressure spring

Diamond engraving bit holder with pressure spring

Instead of the milling motor, simply insert the diamond engraving bit holder into the milling motor mount and tighten with the Allen screw in the milling motor holder. The upper edge of the diamond scratch engraving holder should be positioned flush with the milling motor – mounted top edge.

Diamond engravings require precise tools

To produce clean diamond engravings, the mechanics of the machine must be free of play. Otherwise, closely spaced diamond engraving paths will run into each other and will not allow the required harmonious overall appearance.

Equally important is that the holder itself is free of play. Here, too, 0.01-0.02mm should not be exceeded to ensure clean guidance of the diamond. Perfect diamond drag engraving is therefore not possible with cheap holders, as the price usually has a direct effect on the manufacturing accuracy.

With this tool, you should not make saving at the wrong places because otherwise, you will wonder later during the processing why you do not achieve the desired quality of the engraving.