Down-Cut router bit

Plastics, Wood materials, Aluminium

Solid carbide
Down-Cut router bit

This down-cut router bit is made of solid carbide and has a fishtail grind, left-hand twist and a 2-flute design.

Down-Cut router bit F225

12,20 €

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Down-Cut router bit made of solid carbide

Sharp edges with fishtail grind

Due to the two sharp cutting edges, which appear in a fishtail grind design, the Down-Cut router bit slides much easier into the material. It is particularly suitable for low to medium-strength materials such as wood, aluminium and more rigid plastics.

Universal milling with Down-Cut router bit

As a result of this router bit’s Down-Cut geometry, also known as a left-hand twist, the chip is pressed downwards during machining. Basically, the left-hand spiral, driven by the clockwise rotation of the milling motor, turns to the right and thus transports the chip downwards towards the material.

As a result, this prevents the lifting of thin boards while working. In addition, that also avoids fraying of sensitive surfaces, and the workpiece remains flawless. These include, for example, wood and lacquered or coated surfaces.

Down cut milling cutter with cutting edge lengths up to 12 mm

Another great advantage of this solid carbide Down-Cut router bit is the wide range of cutting edge lengths. From 3 mm up to 12 mm cutting edge length, more than twenty different cutters with cutting edge diameters from 0.50 mm to 3.18 mm are available. Because of this, it is possible to work faster, as more effective chip removal is made possible, and one is not only dependent on a specific material thickness.

Ød1 mm
cutting diameter
L1 mm
cutting length
LG mm
overall length
ØS mm
shank diameter
Price in €
incl. German VAT

Down cut router bit universal for CNC milling

Clean groove edge due to drawing cut

Our down cut milling cutters make the machined workpieces look good even at a second glance because the special left-hand spiral cutter produces clean edges.

A left-hand spiral is the main feature of a Down-Cur router bit. That produces a drawing cut, which results in immaculate groove edges what is an advantage wherever these edges are visible and directly catch the eye.

Down-Cut spiral ensures excellent result

The Down-Cut design creates clean edges, ensuring that the chips are transported downwards into the groove. That is in contrast to the right-hand twist cutter. Compared to an Up-Cut milling tool, which transports the chips upwards, it can sometimes leave an unclean routing pattern on the edges, especially with wood-based materials.

If the chips are not ejected upwards but pressed downwards into the groove, the working process is somewhat slower than with Up-Cut router bit. Therefore, you should use the cutter for particular work that requires a clean cutting edge.

No lifting of the workpiece

In addition, during the milling process, the workpiece is pressed down against the work surface by the rotation of the tool and consequently cannot lift off the work surface. Vibrations during milling in thinner materials are also virtually eliminated by the Down-Cut router bit.

Sensitive & lacquered surfaces ideally machined with Down-Cut router bits

The use of this Down-Cur router bit is particularly worthwhile for lacquered surfaces or sensitive workpieces. Fraying and lifting are almost impossible here and guarantee an excellent milling result.