Solid Carbide End Mills Set

Wood Aluminium Acrylic

Solid carbide end mills set – cutters for wood, aluminium and plastic

End Mills set solid carbide

Wood cutter: 2x1mm / 2x2mm / 1x3mm
Aluminium / plastic: 2x1mm / 2x2mm / 1x 3mm

End mills set made of solid carbide for hardwood, softwood, aluminium, carbon fibre, and plastics such as PVC, Plexiglass or polycarbonate. You will receive diamond-toothed milling cutters of industrial quality. Suitable for all CNC portal milling machines.

119,00 €

(incl. German VAT)

End mills set, diamond toothed, solid carbide, set of 10

With this end mills set of 10 solid carbide bits, you are ideally equipped for wood, aluminium and plastic machining at an unbeatable price. The fishtail grinding enables easy plunging into the material. The diamond toothing makes the mills durable and suitable for hard materials. The cutter set contains various bits and sizes for numerous applications.


  • solid carbide (VHM)
  • diamond toothing – therefore, long-lasting
  • fishtail grinding for easy plunge cutting
  • right-hand twist (up-cut) – upward cutting force
  • industrial quality

Suitable for the following areas:

  • woodworking
  • hardwood, softwood, MDF
  • aluminium processing
  • plastic processing, e.g. PVC, Plexiglas
  • printed circuit boards, circuit boards
  • fibre-reinforced composites, e.g. GFK, Carbon
  • inner contours, outer contours, edges

Milling set ideally suited for CNC model making

In CNC model making, one often must deal with woods and plastics in different degrees of hardness, especially in wood model making, architectural model making and aircraft model making. With the extensive selection of diamond-toothed cutters in this solid carbide end mills set of 10, you can mill precise contours and edges of the most common plastics and effortlessly machine hardwood and aluminium.