Engraving in glass

We would like to thank you here Mr. Fuhrmeister, who made us available the following pictures and videos Mr F. engraves here with an diamand-equipped drill under approx 45° adjusted milling head, so that the ball on the extent mills and does not only press in the material.

Even easier it is with the GranitoGrav module!

Workpiece:Various pieces of glass
Material:Glass engraving
Application type:Engraving glass, engraving round surfaces
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S1000, Diamond cutter, GranitoGrav
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Refinement of glass items, diamond engravings and sandblast works on glass metal, Zippo lighter

Glas Thole Ltd. has extended its range of articles and has become a lot more flexible after purchasing a High-Z CNC engraving machine. Within no time the product range of beautiful glass and metal works has increased.

The scoring of the metal in various directions gives the material a fantastic glimmer effect, which would have never been reached with the laser engraving method.

Due to the CNC engraving machine, Glas Thole Ltd. is able to respond short-term to individual customer requirements. Have more success.