Engraving Machine

High-Z S-Series

CNC Engraving Machine with trapezoidal spindles

CNC Engraving Machine High-Z Standard with trapezoidal threaded spindles for engraving, embossing and milling, including an SMD 5-channel / 4-axis control unit. Make professional and exactly reproducible engravings with the CNC Engraver of the well-tried High-Z Series.

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CNC Engraver for precise engravings

The High-Z CNC Engraver implements engravings on the highest level, no matter if you want to engrave signs, housing, jewellery or complicated shaped workpieces. With the high flexibility of the standard-type, you can implement numerous applications.

Engraving many workpieces in one pass

Depending on the machine size you can fix several objects on the worktop and engrave them in one pass, which makes the same positioning of the engraving on each workpiece much easier. While the CNC engraver is machining each workpiece with identical precision, you can spend your time on other tasks. The computer-controlled series manufacturing with exactly reproducible results on numerous objects saves a lot of time.

Open Frame for engraving big parts

The High-Z Engraver has an open frame and is driven by 2 brushless motors without annoying belts on the x-axis. The engraving machine can also be positioned and operated over a big workpiece, for example, gravestones, control cabinets and so on.

Engraving pens, lighters and jewellery

Engrave reliably and professionally pens, lighters made of metal, jewellery, presents, round, half-round or unshaped articles. There are almost no limits for the High-Z engraver and the additional rotation axis.

High-Z Standard versions

CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-400
High-Z S-400
CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-720
High-Z S-720
CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-1000
High-Z S-1000