Engraving Machine

High-Z S-Series

CNC Engraving Machine with trapezoidal spindles

CNC Engraving Machine High-Z Standard with trapezoidal threaded spindles for engraving, embossing and milling, including an SMD 5-channel / 4-axis control unit. Make professional and exactly reproducible engravings with the CNC Engraver of the well-tried High-Z Series.

from 2.009,00 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC Engraver for precise engravings

The High-Z CNC Engraver implements engravings on the highest level, no matter if you want to engrave signs, housing, jewellery or complicated shaped workpieces. With the high flexibility of the standard-type, you can implement numerous applications.

Engraving many workpieces in one pass

Depending on the machine size you can fix several objects on the worktop and engrave them in one pass, which makes the same positioning of the engraving on each workpiece much easier. While the CNC engraver is machining each workpiece with identical precision, you can spend your time on other tasks. The computer-controlled series manufacturing with exactly reproducible results on numerous objects saves a lot of time.

Open Frame for engraving big parts

The High-Z Engraver has an open frame and is driven by 2 brushless motors without annoying belts on the x-axis. The engraving machine can also be positioned and operated over a big workpiece, for example, gravestones, control cabinets and so on.

Engraving pens, lighters and jewellery

Engrave reliably and professionally pens, lighters made of metal, jewellery, presents, round, half-round or unshaped articles. There are almost no limits for the High-Z engraver and the additional rotation axis.

High-Z Standard versions

CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-400
High-Z S-400
CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-720
High-Z S-720
CNC Engraving Machine High-Z S-1000
High-Z S-1000

Functions, accessory and prices

Techincal data High-Z CNC Engraver with trapezoidal
Article number100010100020100030
X-axis Travel400 mm720 mm1000 mm
Y-axis Travel300 mm420 mm600 mm
Z-axis Travel110 mm110 mm110 mm
Clearance Z (Upper edge machine frame-under edge bridge)107 mm107 mm107 mm
Clamping Area X730 mm1050 mm1330 mm
Clamping Area Y390 mm510 mm690 mm
Weight31 kg41 kg51 kg
Length over all X730 mm1050 mm1330 mm
Width over all Y570 mm690 mm870 mm
Height over all Z575 mm575 mm575 mm
Linear guides diameter X/Y Ø22/22 mm22/22 mm22/22 mm
Linear guides diameter Z Ø16 mm16 mm16 mm
Additional Linear Guides X-Axis / HIWIN– / optional
Steps per Revolution 1/10 Micro-Step200020002000
Ø Trapezoidal Spindles Diameter X/Y/Z12/12/12 mm12/12/12 mm12/12/12 mm
Slope6 mm6 mm6 mm
Programmable Resolution0,003 mm0,003 mm0,003 mm
Backlash+/- 0,03 mm+/- 0,03 mm+/- 0,03 mm
Repeatable accuracy0,01 mm0,01 mm0,01 mm
Max. Rapid Speed X + Y4000 mm/min4000 mm/min4000 mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed3000 mm/min3000 mm/min3000 mm/min
Digital CNC Controller Zero3 / 5-Channe
Operating System with Software for
WINPC-NC, MACH3, EMC, Linux CNC: Windows / Linux
incl. Full Version 3D-Software CADCAM ConstruCam-3D with
Postprocessor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR (excl. German VAT)2.009,00 €2.479,00 €2.939,00 €
A CE compliant commissioning of our CNC machines requires the assembly of the safety enclosure and the suction adapter.

In which sectors do people use CNC engraving machines?

What was once done manually with a lot of work by a professional engraver in long hours of arduous work, today is done by a CNC engraving machine.

But not only in the professional field, you can find more and more users, even hobbyists and beginners buy increasingly CNC engraving machines, to save time and effort and to obtain an accurate result.

CNC engraving machines are used for:

  • Sign engraving
  • Engraving of pictures on, e.g. stone, granite, marble or wood
  • Labelling of any kind as Trophies, machines, technical equipment, gravestones
  • The numbering of metal components (serial numbers)
  • Personalized gifts, e.g.Producing unique jewellery
  • photoengraving
  • Making of 3D lithophanes
  • 3D or 2D point marking

How does a CNC engraving machine work?

The abbreviation CNC stands here again for Computerized Numerical Control. A machine, in this case, the engraving machine is, therefore, controlled numerically by a computer.

Previously entered data records are passed to the engraving system, so that they can be traversed appropriately and gradually until the desired result is achieved. This happens using a mounted on the engraving machine tool, this miles or scratches in highest precision, complex and multidimensional forms, even in stone materials.

Engraving machines also exist in the form of laser engraving machines. Here the engraving is not performed by a mechanical milling body or graver but levitated by a high-energy laser that burns/engraves precise into the workpiece.

In the selection of materials to be processed you are almost unlimited:

  • steel
  • granite
  • Wood
  • plastic
  • Glass
  • ceramics
  • marble
  • MOP
  • stone
  • metals

What should I consider when buying a CNC engraving machine?

When purchasing a CNC engraving, it’s best to look for a technically competent manufacturer or seller. The most important rule when buying an Engraving machine or milling machines is:

The more accurate my machine is adapted to the needs of a workpiece, the more accurate the result is!

Some preliminary questions should be answered:

  • Size
    What size should my engraving machine have? What are the maximum dimensions of the workpiece to be machined?
    For a gravestone engraving, I need a different size than for series identification plates. Principle of “Bigger is better” – If I buy a smaller engraving machine I am limited in terms of future projects, if I buy a bigger one, I have more flexibility in the implementation of major projects.
  • Tools
    What should I consider when buying the CNC tools? The accessories are an important criterion. Here it is essential to use the right tool, suitable to the material of my workpiece and the performance of my machine. Rotating tools (Engraving) are used but also fixed Slicing machines (mostly diamond tips) for various purposes. Again, advice should come by a well-trained salesperson.
  • Suction
    Do I necessarily need a suction when engraving? As it comes to increased dust production, by removed material when engraving, you should draw a suction into consideration. The dust can change the engraving depth and hence also the precision of the result. It may also (especially with abrasive materials) come to buildup on the mechanical components of the engraving machine, which may affect the function of the CNC engraving machine.
  • Expert advice
    Do I get competent advice? As with all major purchases, the quality of advice should be an essential aspect of buying.
    A good, professionally trained retailer or manufacturers of high-quality CNC Engraving machines, is always on hand to advise, even after purchase. Thus, buying a perfectly tailored machine for your project makes the entry easier, and the results will be more precise.