Customer Statement – F. Gries | customer rating

Hello Mr. Hylewicz,

As you predicted my S-720 was delivered on 21.December 2006. The machine’s packing was exemplary and after unpacking there were no shortages noted.

Amazed by the size and weight of the machine I carried it to a specially arranged room in cellar. Than I had to prove to myself the manufacturing quality detailed described and I admit that I was satisfied with the result. All pieces were burred neatly, tight fitting and very well worked and believe me, I work in this trade and can judge it.

F. Gries further:

After I realized that there are two pieces missing, which can happen to anybody I contacted your company and you said you would send it them immediately. Thank you for your kind reaction.

After a period of acclimatization I finally could begin to work. But than I got a shock, the machine didn’t work correctly. It lost its Z- zero point and the stepping motors worked uneasy so I had to ask you again. An employee gave the advice to buy a new external PCI card with a parallel printer exit. I only thought: great! I just bought a new PC and have to upgrade again! But after I installed the new card ( 12 Euro ) the machine worked faultlessly. I’m really very enthused with your customer service and your machines and can only recommend them!!

Greetings F. Gries