High-Z S-1000

High-Z 1000 CNC Engraver 1000x600mm

The original High-Z of CNC-STEP

CNC Router and CNC Engraver with trapezium spindles

3.497,41 €

(incl. German VAT)

The original High-Z from CNC-STEP

With worldwide more than 10000 sold CNC Router Machines (according to figures in 02/2022) since January 2005 this CNC Machine should be the most successful and popular portal CNC milling machine in that price segment in Europe!

With the High-Z CNC Router you purchase an all-around talent.

If you want to clamp and fix complex workpieces on the worksurface, or, clamp work-pieces in a high bench vise (the cnc milling machine sits on a frame-construction, is driven by 2 motors and therefore allows to be positioned above a piece to be processed).

Or if you simply want to do engraving- or drilling jobs…..you can work on a flat surface, with a pieces of sheet MDF fixed to it. Plane it once and you will be able to work with a precision of +-0,02 mm depth.

All  xyz tables are being delivered with black energy chains on all axis, which allows a better cabling management.

Also all CNC milling / engraving machines are equipped with an emergency stop button. An additional emergency stop you find in front of the controller.

Application examples

Technical Data, accessory and prices

Techncal data High-Z CNC Router / Engraver with trapezium
Article number100030
X-axis Travel1000 mm
Y-axis Travel600 mm
Z-axis Travel110 mm
Clearance Z (Upper edge machine frame-under edge bridge)107 mm
Clamping Area X1330 mm
Clamping Area Y690 mm
Weight51 kg
Length over all X1330 mm
Width over all Y870 mm
Height over all Z575 mm
Linear guides diameter X/Y Ø22/22 mm
Linear guides diameter Z Ø16 mm
Add. Ball Linear Guides X-Axis / HIWIN– / optional
Steps per Revolution 1/10 Micro-Step2000
Ø Trapezium Spindles Diameter X/Y/Z12/12/12 mm
Slope 6 mm
Programmable Resolution0,003 mm
Backlash+/- 0,03 mm
Repeatable accuracy0,01 mm
Max. Rapid Speed X + Y4000 mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed3000 mm/min
Digital CNC Controller Zero3 / 5-Channel
Operating System with Software
WINPC-NC, MACH3, EMC, Linux CNC: Windows / Linux
incl. Full Version 3D-Software CADCAM ConstruCam-3D with
Postprocessor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR (incl. German VAT)3.497,41 €
A CE compliant commissioning of our CNC machines requires the assembly of the safety enclosure and the suction adapter.
Operating instructions
Quick-start guide for High-Z Router EN
High-Z Standard operating manual EN