Ice milling – ice art – lettering and logos for trade shows and events

workpiece:Counters – Stand – Fair – Advertising
Type of applicationt:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z Router
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Ice milling with CNC machine

The tremendous passion of Thomas Tremml, the owner of the company Tremml Ice-Team, is still the frozen aggregate state of water – ice!

More than 20 years ago, Mr. Tremml, a skilled cook, dared to take the step into self-employment with an extraordinary idea. He wanted to produce ice sculptures for events, trade fairs and other events.

Eiskalte Präsentation bei 35 Grad

Ice art for Käfer Feinkost

Shortly after starting business, the first celebrity was not long in coming. The company Käfer Feinkost ordered ice sculptures of Mr. Tremml for an event. Carvings of decorative ice sculptures were required. To date, Käfer has remained a regular customer of Mr. Tremml and his ice milling art. Never change a running system!

Countless letterings milled in ice blocks

Tremml Ice-Team has now had an S-1000 CNC milling and engraving machine for several years, which has already milled hundreds of lettering into the icy “water blocks”. Likewise, company logos are milled and designed in connection with grated ice (like snow).

Audi – vodka-producers and others
Eiskunst - Eis Aufsteller für Messen und Events

The pictures in the gallery show impressively some works, which were realized with the help of the milling machine. These include, for example, counters, made entirely of ice, with appropriate lettering or logos of the sponsors or business owners. These milled sculptures are also used in TV commercials or advertising campaigns in magazines etc. In the meantime, the Ismaninger Firmenkartei has more than 1400 customers. Among them are numerous advertising agencies and catering companies.

Worldwide customers for ice milling art with the same motivation

Worldwide customer order Mr Tremmls ice art with almost identical motivation: Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd, presenting something extraordinary its wide audience. In addition, the charm is to exhibit something that is guaranteed to be a thing of the past in a matter of hours or days, since ice is known to melt quickly.

Ice art is passed on to next generation

The son is also an enthusiastic ice sculptor who is well-versed in the CNC milling machine and also has only one goal in mind: the knowledge that his father conveys to him to take over as a company successor. The son works with a lot of ambition and diligence.

An interesting story. We wish the Ice team a lot of success and always a frosty environment in the production as well as a constantly functioning CNC machine, even under these rather unusual, icy conditions!