Buying a cnc router machine

Buying a cnc machine from CNC-STEP

Our expertise and service: Top technology and support for your simple CNC – Entry.

7 good reasons for CNC-STEP

  • FREE lifetime live support using the software TeamViewer! Our supervisors and technicians train and support you worldwide from our network on your home PC!
  • You do not have to spend hours to register work machine parameters in the CAM software before startingt hanks to the ready-Config function in WinPCNC! After installing the software, select the type of machine and all parameters are set done in software. This saves you time, money and above all nerves.
  • Extremely precise: A result of the manual adjustments we make on all mechanical components, each of our CNC machines is extremely precise. The machinery of the High-Z series is due to its special frame profile absolutely rigid. (Profiles often look the same. The inner, special reinforcements are important!) Read more …
  • Compare us ! Let us present one of our CNC machines from one of our competent Masters or technician in detail! Please feel freey to take as much time you need for your purchase decision. From experience we can say that a demonstration at our company will help you to decide who could be the supplier of your new machine.
  • You needn’t program anything ! Draw your workpieces in our free CAD / CAM software ConstruCAM 3D * or in Corel Draw or other vector-based drawing programs and send the file simply with WINPC NC or other software to the machine . Read more …
  • Milling in metal: With a High-Z milling machine we mill stable, almost vibration-free, absolute to scale and exact in, for example, 10mm thick aluminum plates H8-fits! Also possible in steel!
  • Reliable Technology : Milling or engraving with the appropriate cutter or engraver / graver in wood, plastics, circuit boards, PCBs, PVC, glass, metal, copper, brass, stone and many other materials. Video editing a camshaft sprocket of aluminum ! Thousands of customers working in the commercial sector, partly in three-shift operation with our machines !

Discover all information about our machines and their technology. Buying a cnc router machine …. from CNC-STEP