Insert V-Groove router bit Amana Tool®

MDF, Wood, PVC, Foam, Composite

V-Groove bit
Insert knives

  • Insert V-groove router bit RC-1148-M Amana Tool
    Type RC-1148-M
    € 80,92

    • 60°

    • 1 cutting edge

    • for engraving knives

  • Insert V-Groove router bit RC-45711-M Amana Tool
    Type RC-45711-M
    € 28,56

    • 90°

    • 2 cutting edges

    • for indexable insert knives

(incl. German VAT)

Unique design Insert V-Groove router bits

The Amana Tool® insert V-groove router bits with innovative and specially developed tool design are used with the highest quality solid carbide engraving inserts or indexable insert knives. These industrial insert V-groove router bits with exchangeable knives are specially designed for applications such as chamfering, marking, engraving, sign making, or creating a perfect joint in the form of milled mitres.

Excellent for milling:

  • Composites
  • Foam
  • Laminate
  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • Foamcore
  • Wood
  • Veneered wood
  • Melamine
  • Solid surfaces
  • Xantia® Lightboard™, X-board™

Excellent for engraving:

Insert V-Groove router bit including assembly key

The scope of delivery of the RC-1148-M insert V-groove router bit includes the RCK-56 all-purpose engraving insert knife for machining chipboard and plywood. In addition, it contains a black-oxidised and hardened Torx key for changing the insert knives. With this type of insert V-groove router bit, there is only one usable cutting edge.

As matching accessories, you will find the RCK-350 engraving insert knife in our range, which is ideal for machining MDF or wood, among other things.

Various insert knives

The RC-45711-M insert V-groove router bit contains already an AMA-12 indexable insert knife made of solid carbide as standard, which is generally suitable for wood, chipboard and plywood. In addition, this is a four-edged insert, whereby the machine uses the two cutting edges during machining. If these cutting edges become blunt after heavy use, the insert can be turned and used a second time.

Furthermore, the inserts HMA-12 for MDF and the coated AMA-12-DLC for solid wood are available.

Insert V-Groove router bit RC-1148-M incl Torx key
Insert V-Groove router bit RC-45711-M Amana Tool

Immense benefits of the Insert V-Groove router bits

With interchangeable inserts and inserts, the advantages are apparent. On the one hand, the exchangeable engraving knives are of excellent quality and highly durable, guaranteeing a high and smooth cutting quality. Should a blade nevertheless wear out and become blunt after a long service life, you can replace it precisely and quickly.

Insert V-Groove router bit with increased tool life

This selection of different inserts made of different types of carbide allows you to carry out special applications. The precision and high quality of the inserts extend the tool life. In addition, you are more flexible concerning the materials to be machined.

In the long run, it is more cost-effective to purchase the exchangeable knives than to replace the entire V-groove router bit with a new one after a specific time.

But like many things, this is a matter of taste, as there are enough users who prefer to work with conventional engraving bits.

Milling results with the insert V-Groove router bits

The RC-1148-M insert V-groover router bit leaves this type of V-groove after milling. You can use the RCK-56 or RCK-350 engraving inserts for this.

Insert V-Groove router bit RC-1148-M V-groove result

This V-groove result is from machining with the RC-45711-M insert V-groove router bit and the matching AMA-12, HMA-12 or AMA-12-DLC inserts.

Insert V-Groove router bit RC-45711-M V-groove result

Safety during change

A secure locking screw system ensures maximum safety during changing, which results in regular cutting accuracy. When machining with the CNC router, you should also work with steel clamps or clamping claws to ensure the slightest possibility of material shifting or lifting during operation.

Attention! Make sure that you tighten the locking screw firmly after you have replaced the engraving insert knives. In case of replacing the insert knives, make sure to clean the tool first and remove all dust before inserting the new knife.

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