CNC knife holder for Roland drag knife

CNC knife holder for drag knife

Messerhalter mit Schleppmesser zum Folie schneiden

Knife holder / drag knife

with pressure regulation to cut foils and films

148,75 €

(incl. German VAT)

CNC knife holder drag knife

Knife holder with automatic pressure regulation

The knife holder can be used in all CNC milling machines that have a euro-neck holder 43H7. The delivery includes a plotter knife (drag knife).

Cutting depth adjustable via self-locking knurled screw
Folie schneiden Sticker mit Schleppmesser Messerhalter

The constant cutting depth of the knife is made by a self-locking knurled screw, which can not adjust itself during operation of the holder, at the top of the knife holder. This is best done by hand before inserting into the CNC machine, by means of a small test.

Pressure adjustable over the Z-depth

The pressure of the drag knife is regulated by a spring, which exerts more pressure on the blade holder at lower Z-approach point. The knife is ball-mounted twice in the holder. In addition, the knife holder is very precisely CNC machined which provides minimum tolerances to allow accurate cuts, clean cutting at any speed, and clean rotation.

Cheap Roland knives usable

We use our standard knives with 45 ° cutting angle, which are compatible with the Roland drag knives. The blades are always carbide (solid carbide) and have an extremely long life. The drag knife is used for cutting the foil up to a thickness of approx. 0.2 mm.

Specially shaped slider

The design of a specially shaped sliding head of our knife holder ensures that it does not degrade even small parts during cutting. In addition, there is an additional sealing lip in front of the knife which avoids the penetration of adhesive films and thus ensures a consistently clean cut.

Examples of  sticker cutting with the drag knife holder can be found here

How to clamp the CNC knife holder in the machine

Insert the CNC knife holder into the milling motor holder instead of the milling motor and tighten it with the Allen screw on the milling motor holder. Best case, as shown in the picture 1, position the top edge of the knife holder flush with the top edge of the milling motor.

How to position the drag knife exactly in the cutting depth

On the CNC knife holder simply adjust the knife so that it barely looks out over the sliding edge. Now make a small circle by hand with the knife holder on a vinyl foil to be cut . Make sure that the sliding head rests relatively clean and completely on the foil.

If the cut part can not be removed, you will need to readjust the knurled screw a little clockwise. However, if the backing paper of the film is already severely scratched, the knife must be turned back. It is ideal if the carrier material is scarcely scratched visibly.