The laser engraver – module with 5.5 watts for laser engraving on the CNC milling machine.
Converts your CNC milling machine into a full-fledged laser engraving machine. The module is protected in a solid storage case.

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Laser Engraver makes a Laser Engraving machine out of your CNC Router

With the laser engraver module for laser engraving, you can turn your CNC router into a fully-fledged laser engraving machine in no time at

all. The only requirement is that your CNC control can output PWM (pulse width modulation) signals.

In connection with our software ConstruCAM-3D you can do all laser engraving work yourself.

5.5 watts power for the Laser Engraver from CNC-STEP

Laser engraver module

Laser engraver module

This laser engraving module has a power of 5.5 watts and is therefore sufficient for the mentioned work. The laser diode can load with up to 7 watts. For reasons of long-term durability, however, we controll our laser engraver with only 5.5 watts. Besides it has a fan for active cooling.

Cutting paper, laid paper, cardboard, engraving plexiglass and wood

The 5 watts laser module can be used to cut coloured paper, deckle paper, light cardboard, corrugated board as well as engrave plexiglass and wood. Here one should consider that the cutting process with wood and plexiglass (black) or for example foam rubber, is slower to implement than with thinner materials. For wood and plastics, therefore we recommend a maximum thickness of 3 mm.

Laser engraving in aluminium

Laser engraving in aluminium

Engraving countless materials

Use the laser engraver to engrave wood, plastics such as laserply and even slate and leather with lettering, logos or even photos. In addition it is also possible to engrave metals if they are treated with a special spray, which we also provide in our range of CNC accessories.

Laser engraving for the commercial sector – small series and individual parts

Our laser engraver is intended as a useful addition to our CNC portal milling machines for commercial or industrial applications in which small series as well as unique gifts are produced. This laser module is ideal for small series, but certainly not suitable for the service provider who must label thousands of lighters and signs every day.

Rubber foam 3mm laser-cut

Rubber foam 3mm laser-cut

Become laser safety officer – SAFETY first

Moreover for the private sector, the laser module is only for sale in Germany if the operator can prove the certificate laser safety officer. This course you can even complete online. Here you can find further information about this short seminar.

To use with any CNC milling machine from CNC-STEP

The laser engraving module can be used with any of our High-Z machines in combination with KinetiC-NC. The complete scope of delivery also includes the necessary software extension for ConstruCAM-3D. However, due to the required higher speeds, we recommend the CNC milling machine of the High-Z-T series with ball screw spindles.

KinetiC-NC – WINPC NC – Mach3 – USB-CNC – CNCgraf and others

KinetiC-NC CncPOD Netzwerk


In conlusion you can work with the laser engraving module along with our control software KinetiC-NC but also third-party milling software.

Basically it is only necessary that the milling software can manage the output of PWM signals (pulse width modulation). ConstruCAM-3D then provides the correct output format of the G-code to control the power of the laser.

Important Safety Instructions

  • The laser is sold as an incomplete machine (kit) for installation in another machine (EC Declaration of Incorporation – no CE declaration).
  • Within Germany only sale to traders – laser class 4

Scope of delivery

  • laser engraver / module with 5.5 watts and fan
  • instruction manual
  • operation description
  • Declaration of Incorporation
  • connection cable set incl. power supply unit (1x)
  • door/hood contact switch (1x)
  • one case with foam inserts

Technical data

  • 5.5 watts power
  • the laser can be used for engraving and, to a certain extent, for cutting work (plastic)
  • beam: Ø 0.05 mm
  • wavelength: 445 nm +/-5
  • air-cooled
  • service life more than 10,000 hours
  • dimensions without holder: 111 x 62 x 40 mm
  • electrically ready for connection for our Zero3 control
  • with suitable holder for Euro neck 43 mm
Laser Engraver Module 5.5 watts Manual
Laser Engraver User manual EN
Laser Engraver Operation Description EN